The Book Club, Book 2…

So I’ve not had a great couple of months when it comes to reading. I finished reading Vogue from the last book club instalment and have since fallen out of the rhythm of reading. Life’s been beautifully busy and I’ve sadly just put reading on the back burner. Anyway, I’m going to try and get back into a routine of reading before bed because I’ve got so many books at home waiting to be read and I just need to get back on it. 

So I finished Vogue a couple of months back and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I think that it’s probably not a book for everyone but as someone who enjoys reading the magazine, it was interesting to have a sneak peek behind the scenes and Alexandra Shulman has a lovely way of conveying things. I particularly enjoyed her humour. I would recommend this to someone who is interested in fashion, the media industry or who enjoys Vogue. 

This leads me on to the next book club title… An Abundance of Katherine’s by John Green. 

My copy is a little dog eared from being dragged around hoping to be read (it’s been all over London, Belgium and California!). I like John Green’s writing style, so I’m quite excited about finishing this one.

Have you read Vogue? What did you think?

L x

The Second Love of my Life by Victoria Walters…

The Second Love of my Life is the debut novel from the lovely Victoria Walters. 

It follows the story of artist Rose who is trying to rebuild her life in fictional seaside town Talting after losing her husband at a young age in a terrible accident. Rose is such a likeable character who has been through so much, but still has such a big heart. It was interesting to start in the middle of a really glum time for Rose. Often stories start with upmost equilibrium followed by tragedy. I quite liked that we arrived in the middle of such a major part of Rose’s life.

 Like all good stories, the journey is bumpy and like all good chick lit novels, slightly predictable. I really enjoyed Victoria’s writing style as it was so easy to enjoy no matter what sort of day you’ve had. It’s the type of story that you can take on your commute or on holiday. 

Of course, given the nature of the storyline there is the occasional sad part, but on the whole this book is uplifting and full of hope. Sometimes you just need a bit of simple chick lit in your life and The Second Love of my Life ticks all of the boxes. Rumour has it it’s only 99p at the moment for the kindle edition too. Bargain!

Best bits:

  • The development of the story between Rob and Rose
  • The light tone of the story
  • The creation of Talting

Worst bits:

  • Predictable in places
  • It felt a little drawn out around the middle of the story and full on towards the end 

Read it if:

You love a good chick lit story that is heartwarming and a little bit different.

Have you read The Second Love of my Life?

What books are on your list to read this summer?

L x