Snowmobiling on a glacier, Pingviller National Park, Geysirs and Waterfalls. Our Thursday exploring Iceland!

When I was planning our Icelandic adventure, I wrote a list of all of the things that I thought would be fun to do. This included Snowmobiling and a Golden Circle tour. Luckily Mountaineers of Iceland run a ‘Pearl Tour’ which incorporates both. Hurrah! It’s a full on day, but is totally worth the early start. 

We were picked up at around 8am from The Centrum Hotel in Reykjavik via a SuperJeep and a driver called Bjarni. Bjarni was very welcoming and told us lots of cool facts about Icelandic life.

We drove through Reykjavik as the sun rose and Bjarni informed us of the days’ itinerary. We had a long drive through lava fields and the Icelandic countryside. I had brought a book with me, but was so mesmerised by the island’s beauty that it didn’t make it out of my bag. 

I loved seeing the wild horses and little summer houses that have been made out of rocks that fell during an earthquake. They call Iceland the land of fire and ice and you can really see why when driving through the lava fields that are covered in snow and discussing volcanic activity.

Riding in the SuperJeep was thrilling enough in itself. They are total beasts which take on the extreme weather like a warm summer’s day in the park. They are capable of handling what’s thrown at them (although it’s often a bumpy ride!).


I spent most of the journey feeling like I was in a real life episode of Ice Road Truckers and totally loving it. It was honestly so much fun. 

The first location we visited on our tour was Gullfoss, the golden waterfall. It was absolutely stunning and very cold (-11) which made me wish I had stocked up on winter attire in the Sweaty Betty sale. We loved having a nose at this natural phenomenon before warming up in the cafe. They serve gorgeous cakes and have free wifi, so we were very comfortable hanging out there for twenty minutes.

One very bumpy but incredibly fun ride later, we found ourselves at the snowmobile centre. The snow was the deepest I’ve ever seen and my husband and I were reminded once again that we should have stocked up on winter wear before our Icelandic trip! 

Thankfully, they have everything inside for you to borrow; snow suits, gloves, balaclavas and helmets. I loved wearing the snow suit. It was so warm and comfortable, I feel like I really need one in my life now, although I don’t think they are necessary in London.

Soon it was time for us to go snowmobiling. I was a little nervous after the safety demonstration reminded me of how dangerous they are, but once I was on it I really felt like I was living the dream. Riding along the glacier with the sun catching the snow just enough for it to sparkle and looking around the vast area, I was shown just how insignificant we are in this magnificent world. For that hour I felt free. Free from everything, responsibilities, worries… Truly free. I didn’t even worry about being catapulted off into oblivion (which almost happened three times), just enjoyed the ride and the view. 

Snowmobiling on Langjökull glacier was absolutely mind blowing. It isn’t for everyone’s budget and our tour costed around £510 for us both, but if you can do it, GO!

After our incredible adventure on the glacier, it was time to hit up the Geysirs of which Geysirs all over the world are named after. Iceland oozes natural beauty and the Geysirs are just another notch on it’s belt of elegance. It was wonderful walking around in the winter sunshine trying to predict when the ‘big one’ will surprise us with a watery eruption (still talking about the Geysirs!!!). 

There is also a restaurant which excited me as I’m all about food. I was actually quite worried about being out for the day in case there wasn’t anywhere to eat, but fortunately I stuffed my face at both stops, so it was absolutely fine. 

There are a couple of shops near the Geysirs that sell souvenirs and winter clothing. I was really disappointed to see quite a few items of real fur up for sale. We really don’t need that in this day and age and I was quite upset about it.

Our next and final stop was at Pingviller National Park which is where the first ever parliament was formed many moons ago. It’s also where Phil and I lost our group and spent four miles and forty five minutes looking for them whilst thinking I was going to die as it was getting dark and we were stranded in temperatures of -16. Luckily we managed to track them down after bumping into another Mountaineers employee.

The park is incredible, we loved having a wander, keeping our eyes peeled for mink and arctic foxes. I imagine it’s completely different in the summer, luscious green blankets and abundant wildlife.

We had such a fun day exploring Iceland and I would highly recommend our trip if you can.

Have you visited any of these places?

L x

OOTD First full day in Reykjavik…

  A couple of months ago I stumbled upon this gorgeous cord dress from Topshop. I wasn’t sure if it would suit me, but I was certain that I needed it in my life. The deep burgundy colour is one of my most favourites and teamed with a plain black roll neck top (also from Topshop), I knew that it would make a gorgeous winter outfit, channelling 70’s vibes. 

The dress and roll neck also remind me of growing up in the nineties when all I had to worry about was if I was going to be able to be Baby Spice in the playground reenactment of the Spices latest single, or if I was going to be Ginger again. I was always Ginger.

I had so many roll necks that my Mum used to make me wear in winter and loved pinafore dresses, so this is definitely a bit of a flashback outfit for me.

  I’ve recently been drawn to over the knee boots and absolutely adore this pair from Oasis. They are so warm and comfortable. They go well with jeans or a dress and I just love them!

 Once we had booked our trip to Reykjavik in Iceland, I knew that this outfit would be perfect for exploring the city and shoved it into my suitcase faster than you can say ‘Northern Lights’. I loved wearing it around town whilst shopping and stuffing my face with Asian food and can’t wait to wear it again!


Have you got a favourite outfit at the moment?

L x 

Using Airbnb…


It was about a year ago that I discovered the beauty of Airbnb. I was planning our mammoth honeymoon and just couldn’t find a hotel that I liked in Long Beach, CA. I spent hours combing through every website that I could think of to no avail. We had quite specific requirements and were travelling in the height of summer which slimmed down our chances of finding exactly what we were after. We wanted somewhere nice and comfortable, on the beach and close to local amenities. We also wanted free wifi and car parking along with an in room safe. The safe was the hardest thing to come by when looking for a place to stay. Lots of hotels had them behind the desk, but I felt safer leaving all of our valuables in a safe that we had direct access to. After searching and searching I was beginning to lose hope and that’s when Airbnb stepped in. I had heard about it and decided to look it up as a last resort. It was there that I found a gorgeous apartment in Long Beach, a few minutes’ walk from the marina and beach. Restaurants right by the front door, free parking and free wifi. It also had a lockable cupboard that we felt safe leaving our goodies in. Best of all, it was a quarter of the price of a hotel in the same area! 

We had a really good experience and fell in love with Long Beach during our stay. I was so glad that I had found the little gem that is Airbnb.

A couple of weeks ago I was searching for a place for us to stay in Reykjavik, Iceland. My requirements weren’t quite as strict as our trip to California as we haven’t hired a car in Iceland, but we still wanted somewhere in a good location with wifi. As I had left it quite late to book, I once again found myself struggling to find a nice hotel (I actually found one, but it was nearly £2000 for our six day stay and I thought it wasn’t worth it!) and once again turned to my old friend Airbnb. Here I found lots of nice looking apartments and managed to find a great one that I thought would be perfect. I was absolutely right as we are currently enjoying a lovely stay in a clean, bright apartment in Reykjavik. Obviously there are draw backs such as no maid/room service, but we have so much privacy and freedom.   

I would recommend reading the reviews extensively to make sure that you make a decision perfect for you and your needs. There are many different types of places to stay from dorms with shared bathrooms right up to huge houses beaming with luxury.

I am very much enjoying our time in Reykjavik and Airbnb has played a huge part in that. The hubby actually prefers having an apartment over a hotel because it’s like a little home from home. I will definitely think about Airbnb when booking our next adventure.
Have you used Airbnb?

L x

Dating yourself… 

When I was younger I hated to be seen without anybody by my side. The thought of nipping to the shops or walking to the station alone was completely mortifying. I used to feel like I was being judged and completely uncool, like I needed a sidekick to feel safe in my skin. As an adult I actually quite enjoy time to myself, hell I even embrace it. It’s such a beautiful thing to not have to take somebody else’s desires into the equation and only have to worry about myself. I know this all sounds terribly selfish (and it is), but I think that you can’t really be yourself if you are too busy being with others all of the time. It’s with this new found confidence that I’ve developed in adulthood that has led to me enjoying doing things on my own. I wouldn’t say I am that ambitious, but I quite enjoy a wander around the shops on my lonesome and a spot of breakfast/lunch. The freedom of just choosing which shops I want to go in and not wondering where my pal has disappeared to whilst I’ve been eyeing up a cord dress in Topshop. It’s incredibly self indulgent, but is also really effective in time management. No waiting around for the other person(s) you are with to finish noseying in River Island. None of that. Come and go at my own leisure. It’s also really refreshing to just enjoy my own company and enjoy things that I am fond of. 

Something that I never thought I would ever do is eat in a restaurant on my own, but these days I find it quite relaxing. Again I am in control of how long I spend there and can do what I want to whilst I’m there (like instagramming my food!!!). I usually read and stuff my face which are two things that I absolutely adore.

When I return home from my little date with myself I feel totally chilled out, like I’ve given myself a little holiday. I think that it’s so important to take care of ourselves and a part of doing that is making ‘you’ time. It’s important to remember who you are and what you like, you are important too!

I don’t think I’m ready to go to the cinema on my own yet (although I always see lots of people on their own when I go!), but I think these days I have almost completely outgrown my fear of being seen without a squad and it’s brilliant!

How do you feel about time on your own?

L x

Argentinian Lunch at Lomito…

Sunday’s are made for over indulgence and taking a pause. Oh how I just love a good Sunday. Life is so fast paced that it’s nice to be able to chill out and enjoy the last day of the weekend before being thrusted off to work come Monday morning. We are pretty much always in on Sunday evenings and I just love putting my pyjamas on and lounging around.

We are currently in the process of moving house, which is both exciting and terrifying. I’ve got so much to organise and it’s all a bit mad. Because we are selling our current home and buying a new one we need to be out of this place and in the new place on the same day. This means that I have to be ultra organised and life has been a bit jumbled these past few days. We have three days left here as I write this and have packed up every room except the kitchen. Everywhere feels a bit bare and soulless. Poor Holly isn’t sure what to make of the situation! 

We spent last weekend packing and going through the majority of our belongings (of which I have way more than I originally anticipated. Cupboards can hold so much – who knew?!), and decided to take a little pause come Sunday for a trip to the charity shop (dropping off a couple bags!) and a nice lunch.

We have tried to go to Lomito in Northwood a few times, but it is always too busy or closed (don’t go on a Monday!), fortunately for us they had a spare table Sunday lunchtime and we took full advantage of the situation.

Phil and I are really into our food and had heard such good vibes about Lomito, so couldn’t wait to see what it had to offer. It’s primarily an Argentinian steak house with a menu that I think contains something for everyone (even if you are a veggie!) . We were greeted by the friendly staff at the front of house and the restaurant is uniquely decorated with a huge mural and cow skins creating a modern, with an industrial twist vibe. The restaurant was exceptionally clean and I was very pleased that we were given clean cutlery after every course as well as having the table cleaned each time too. The waiter was very efficient and the service was the best we have had anywhere.

My husband and I have been together for almost eleven years and sometimes it’s easy to take time with each other for granted, so we try to spend quality time together often. It was so lovely to have a chat whilst stuffing our faces with copious amounts of food!

We chose to order from the lunch menu and for starters I had the Portobello Bruschetta and Phil the Empanada.

I had serious food envy looking across the table at Phil’s Empanada. It was absolutely delicious and cooked to perfection. My Bruschetta was delicious, but the Empanada was divine!

For mains we both opted for Bife de Cuadril, which was basically a rump steak with chips.  

Phil had his steak cooked rare and I opted for medium rare. It was cooked to perfection and I was in a little bit of steak heaven.

For dessert we opted for the Churros, which reminded me of our time in California as they had them everywhere! 

They were served with a scrumptious chocolate dip that was like winning the lottery for your tastebuds.

Overall we had a lovely Sunday lunch at Lomito and a welcome break from packing up our home. I haven’t visited Argentina, but from what I do know about the place, I think that the food was quite authentic. One thing I am certain of is that this won’t be the last time we visit!

Have you tried any new restaurants recently?

L x


Visiting Olympia…

  I was so excited when I found out that we could easily travel to Olympia whilst on holiday in Zante. It’s where the first ever Olympic Games was held and I couldn’t wait to be absorbed by such culture and history. I’m not a massive fan of sports, but can appreciate the effort and dedication that goes into becoming a competing athlete. I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from our trip, but I knew that I would instantly come away having learnt something new. Plus I’m such a sucker for anything of historic value.

 It was a mega hot summer’s day when we chose to visit and temperatures exceeded forty degrees, which is pretty much unheard of for us Londoners and we danced around the ground in search of shade, like little ants looking to return to their colony.

We took an early ferry across to the Greek mainland to make the most of our trip. I hadn’t visited the mainland before. The ferry was really reasonable and with the salty sea air flowing through my hair off we went on our adventure.

We had an English speaking tour guide show us around the grounds. I think having a guide is really crucial because there aren’t really any signs and they help you understand what it is exactly that you are looking at. He chose me to wear the crown (well a replica!) that the winner of the Olympic Games would have worn all of those years ago and I felt like a  Greek Goddess (sort of).

The remains are incredible. So much is still left in remarkable condition, despite being battered by all weathers, earthquakes and thousands of tourists.  
The original running track is still there and I even channelled my inner athlete and had a sprint on it.

The athletes would have walked through a corridor with a stone archway and into the arena. It’s still there and you really feel as though you have been taken back in time to when winning was everything. You can almost feel the pressure as you walk under the archway and into the vast arena.

The winners would have been crowned whilst stood on a podium, basking in their glory with crowds applauding. The winner must have felt so proud. 

For me it’s always all about the details and many of the artefacts display so much detail. You can instantly see what they were used for and how they have influenced our lives today.

There is also a lovely museum that has some amazing artefacts on display. It has a cafe and air conditioning, which was a welcome relief from hours of the intense heat and I very much enjoyed devouring an ice cream whilst letting the cool air tickle my skin.

Olympia is also quite a pretty little town with many shops, bars and restaurants. It’s worth having a look around if you are in the area. We found a spot with lots of sunflowers. I’ve always loved a sunflower, they take me back to when I was a child and life was simple. I used to love watching sunflowers go from a couple of inches to double my height in a matter of weeks. They always remind me of summers spent in a haze of being outdoors and with friends. 


Before we knew it, it was time to catch our ferry back to Zante, leaving behind the history of Olympia, but taking away new memories with us.

Have you visited Olympia? 

L x



Visiting Zakynthos…

  A couple of years ago my husband and I were looking for a last minute summer holiday. We weren’t sure where to go, but Europe is so dreamy in the summer, so we knew that was a good place to start our search. We love going to new places and had never visited Greece before. Soon enough we had chosen holiday favourite Zante as our place to catch some sunshine and relax. I was a bit apprehensive about our trip there as I know that many people go in groups to party and we were going as a couple for a break from everyday life. Whilst we enjoy having fun, we aren’t massive party goers  so we hoped that there would be enough for us to do. Turns out that Zante has a lot to offer and we had a perfect time.

We spent a considerable amount of time on boats, absorbing the gorgeous island. The Greek islands are simply stunning and deserve to be witnessed in their summertime glory. 

On one boat trip we went to the iconic shipwreck, where the sea is the most perfect turquoise. It’s almost as though somebody has dropped a large tin of the most voluptuous blue paint into the ocean and it’s just hanging out there for a bit whilst it mingles with the sea. The truth is it is always like that. Always bright blue and always gorgeous. It’s the kind of natural beauty that needs to be seen to be believed. I don’t really edit my photographs, so the colour you can see is pretty much the colour that it is.

We also visited ‘Turtle Island’ that is shaped like a turtle and we went turtle watching. There was a lot of love for that creature that day. It was most wonderful to see them wild and free. We also learnt about the conservation work that is going on in Laganas to provide the turtles with an untouched, natural and perfect spot to lay their eggs. The work they are doing to promote well being of the species is blimmin’ marvellous.

We explored the island quite a bit and went on a trip to the mainland where we visited the Olympia, but I’m planning a post about that trip for a later date. We loved spending our days in the warm summer air devouring ice cream and letting the sun kiss our skin.

There was a beach across the road from our hotel and we often favoured a swim in the sea over the crowded hotel pool where people reserved sun loungers from six in the morning (who has that kind of dedication?!). The salty sea water was so blissfully clear that you could see the tiny fish dancing around your feet to the beat of the ocean and it was heavenly.


 The beach was really peaceful and we had a lot of fun. I think that our trip to Zakynthos provided us with everything that we needed, a sense of adventure and discovery, a chance to switch off and relax, all with a healthy dose of vitamin D. I know that you can go to the Greek islands without spending all of your time in a haze of alcohol and still have a good time. You don’t have to be in a huge group either, it’s great for everyone and we are planning on visiting Greece again with friends this summer.


Have you visited any of the Greek islands? What did you get up to?

L X   

A stroll through Aldenham Country Park…

A bright and sun shining day in winter is a little taste of heaven for England. When the grey skies clear to reveal the glorious ball of light that we can mostly only lust after, it’s most divine. Such beautiful days call for long walks and I’m really enjoying quality time with my husband and our little Jack Russell, Holly. We love getting outdoors, embracing our natural surroundings and it is so lovely to enjoy a walk together and have a chat. We often visit National Trust sites, but on this occasion we decided to check out Aldenham Country Park. It’s not too far from where we live in the leafy suburbs of London and I had heard such positive vibes about the place that I thought it was worth a visit.  

The hazy afternoon sun had created a false impression of warmth and there was a distinct, clean chill in the air demanding its presence be acknowledged. I was secretly gutted I didn’t bring my earmuffs as the cool air skimmed my little ears leaving them feeling frozen.

We walked around the lake that dominates Aldenham and I was very surprised that Holly had a paddle. I can’t even remember the last time she willingly entered water whilst we were out. She’s a funny little ball, who is a sun worshipper and despises anything cold. Her paddling pool becomes her best friend in summer, but Holly never normally enters lake water or even the bath willingly. She also surprised us by trundling through a little stream we came across. Must have been feeling adventurous!

It’s so nice to watch Holly take in natural surroundings and simply be a dog, sniffing scents and bouncing around.

I love having uninterrupted chats with the hubby too, often consisting of nothing that really matters. It’s great to just spend the time together without work or other things getting in the way. 

I always feel really refreshed after a long walk in beautiful surroundings, like I’ve taken a pause from life and can just exist for a short while with fresh air in my lungs. 

Nature is such a wonderful thing and I really appreciate being able to wrap myself up in surroundings that only nature controls. London is such a beautiful city, but it’s so easy to be swallowed up in it’s concrete existence, forgetting where life really began and what it’s all about.

I wouldn’t say that Aldenham is my favourite place after our visit and to be honest there are many other places nearby that are arguably more untouched, natural and beautiful. I’m glad that we went though and we had a lovely time (although I’m sure that Holly brought back ten bucketfuls of mud on her legs, belly and paws!).

Where are your favourite places to escape for a walk?

L x

10 Fun things to do in Vegas without getting drunk and gambling!

 Before we visited last summer, if anybody had mentioned ‘Las Vegas’, I would have immediately conjured up images of poker tables, scantily clad ladies, excessive partying and hardcore gambling. Considering I’m not a huge fan of any of these activities, you’d probably be surprised to hear that I was quite excited about going. Mostly because I love visiting new places and soaking up the atmosphere, but also because I had done a bit of research (who am I kidding, I spent hours searching the whole of the Internet), to plan our trip properly so that we could make the most of our time there without sinning.  

 We actually had an amazing time in Vegas and would relive our time there in a heartbeat. I have so much love for the place and I wrote about our time there here and here. I learnt that Vegas is such a deep character and your options are almost limitless!

I now present to you ten fun things to do in Vegas without becoming a crazed party animal/intense gambler:

  1. Visit the Grand Canyon. Although not actually in Las Vegas (or even in the same state if we’re being picky), the Grand Canyon is a must see. We flew via helicopter and it was such an incredible experience. There are so many tours running from Vegas or you could even drive yourself. Either way DO IT!    
  2. Shop. Vegas is perfect for shopping. It has everything from high end designer luxuries, right down to Topshop. There are also a couple of outlet centres a short drive from the strip. Seriously though, there are shops in every hotel. I loved shopping in Caesers Palace and the Venetian. We also wandered around Fashion Mall a couple of times.  
  3. Check out the hotels. The hotels are insane and are really what makes Vegas. Each hotel has been crafted into a beautiful character in the story of Las Vegas. I’m always a fan of a theme and each hotel has fully embraced their theme and then taken it to a new level. You need to visit each one and see what they have to offer from jumping off of the Stratosphere right down to watching a medieval show in Excalibur. It’s incredible. You’ll also recognise some of them from the movies!  
  4. Chocolate Factory and Cactus Garden. A friend recommended this place to me and it’s a lovely way to get away from the hype of the strip and chill for a couple hours. A short drive from the strip, you can have a look around the chocolate factory and it’s shop before perusing the beautiful cactus gardens. It’s also free!  
  5. Shooting Range. When I came across this idea I mentioned it to my husband and he was quite excited to try it out. I also thought it would be a good thing to tick off my list of things I’ve done. Flash forward to us being in the range with some mega guns being fired next to us, shells flying around like food you’ve placed in front of a disgusted toddler, and I completely bottled it. It felt really serious and dangerous, so I just stood right at the back and the  hubby had two turns. I’m glad that one of us did something different though and the staff at Machine Guns Vegas were great.  
  6. Visit the iconic sign. On our first day we walked from the Stratosphere up to Mandalay Bay and back in forty-two degree heat (which is over eight miles, not to mention we went into every single hotel for a wander too!), keeping our eyes peeled for the sign that litters all Las Vegas paraphernalia. We couldn’t find it! So the next day we programmed it into the sat nav and drove there. It’s actually only a stones throw from Mandalay Bay, we were so close! There’s always a queue to pose by the sign, but it’s such a great photo opportunity that it’s totally worth it. Plus it’s free!  
  7. Cruise around. We loved driving around Vegas, the gigantic hotels enveloping us. It’s great to drive through during the day, but beautiful during the night with all of the bright lights like glitter thrown into the air.     
  8. Check out the nice restaurants. There are so many great eateries in Vegas. Some of the hotels have gorgeous little restaurants. We liked the Italian restaurant in the Stratosphere because it was really authentic in taste. I also love The Cheesecake Factory because, well their cakes are blimmin’ gorgeous. But honestly, have a good look around because there are so many tasty places!  
  9. See a show. There are lots of shows going on in the evenings in Vegas from Cirque De Soleil to Jersey Boys. Vegas puts on a variety to please all. We (well, I), chose for us to see pop legend Britney Spears perform at Planet Hollywood and Britters was amazing. It was my most favourite time of seeing her, so if you are a fan (or even if you’re not!), I would recommend seeing her.  
  10. Have a mooch around the old strip. A short drive away from the main strip, the original hotels are retrotastic. I felt like I had stepped back in time to the 1950’s. It has so much character and you can even zip line across it like Superman.  

Have you visited Vegas? What was your favourite thing about Sin City?

L x

    Six of my most favourite books…

    If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you will probably be aware of the fact that I am a bit of a bookworm. I absolutely adore reading and have done since I was a child. One of my favourite Sunday’s as an eight year old was when I spent the whole day reading Roald Dahl books. I was so pleased that I managed to read so much in one day (complete nerd!). In adulthood I’m much the same and love a lazy weekend with a good book, so I thought that I would compose a short list of my most favourite books I’ve read in the past couple of years. I wanted to keep it as a neat list of five, but I  needed to squeeze an extra one (technically two) in!

    The Fault in our Stars by John Green      

    I absolutely adore this story. It is so beautifully written that I could read it every day for the rest of my life and still be satisfied. The story itself is terribly tragic and desperately sad, but it is written in such a wonderful way that you don’t come away feeling depressed or pitiful.                       

    Good points: The writing style and the characters.                                          

    Bad points: It is a really sad topic that will probably make you cry buckets.                                              

    Read it if: You like a story that will take you on a journey. Even if you might cry.


    Me before you by Jojo Moyes                      
    Me Before You fell into my life at a point when I hadn’t read anything exciting for a while. When I was putting reading on the back burner and life had got in the way. This book had me gripped from the start and life was put on the back burner whilst I discovered what was going to happen to Will Traynor and Louisa Clark. This is such a lovely story (with some elements of sadness – sob!). It isn’t afraid to take a different path and break stereotypes. I really really love it, can’t wait for the movie!               

    Good points: The characters are great. Will’s sarcasm and Lou’s bubbly personality are key to the telling of the story.                               

    Bad points: You might cry (again!).    

    Read it if: You like a good, substantial story that is unpredictable.

    The Girl on the Train by  Paula Hawkins.                                                             

    There is such a love buzz around this book and when the hubby bought it for me for my birthday I was really excited to read it and see if it lived up to the hype. It really did. I do enjoy a thriller now and again and I enjoyed learning about the characters (hating Rachel, hating Tom, liking Rachel, liking Tom, hating Anna, hating Tom). It’s a good read and I was so desperate to find out what happened to Megan that I couldn’t put it down.                  Good points: It’s easy to read and keep track of all of the key elements. It’s also constantly evolving. It probably won’t make you cry.             

    Bad points: I found Rachel really annoying at times, I wanted to shout at her ‘just go home!’.                            

    Read it if: You like a good thriller. 

    Still Alice by Lisa Genova.                           

    I was really sceptical of reading this book as I had seen the movie and wasn’t blown away. My Grandad had Alzheimer’s and I think that the movie glamorised the illness a bit and didn’t portray the devastation it creates. I’m so glad that I made the effort with the book because it is far more accurate and a brilliant read.     Good points: It gives a great insight into early onset Alzheimer’s disease and Alice is such a relatable, lovely character.                                                  Bad points: I found it really sad, but that’s mostly because of seeing the illness first hand.                                    

    Read it if: You have ever wondered about Alzheimer’s and you like a story that isn’t all rose gardens and afternoon tea.

    The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon                

    This book is AMAZING. It is written perfectly and the character of Chrisopher Boone has been created with upmost accuracy to someone who is autistic. It isn’t just about autism though, there is so much more going on, all being told by the voice of Christopher. It’s such a great book to read and the stage production is pretty rad too!                 

    Good points: The writing. It’s brilliant. The storyline is great too, unpredictable.                                          

    Bad points: Honestly I can’t think of any!                                                                 

    Read it if: You like something different. I haven’t read anything like it!

    Paper Aeroplanes/Goose by Dawn O’Porter.                                                               

    These two books go hand in hand. The first (Paper Aeroplanes) tells the story of Flo and Renee as they grow up in the nineties. It’s a fun read that took me back to my teen years! The second (Goose) follows the girls to college and a new chapter in their lives.                                                             Good points: 90’s nostalgia!                   Bad points: Can be a bit crude.               Read it if: You like being taken back to when you were younger.

      What are your favourite books? Have you read any of these?
      L x