Dating yourself… 

When I was younger I hated to be seen without anybody by my side. The thought of nipping to the shops or walking to the station alone was completely mortifying. I used to feel like I was being judged and completely uncool, like I needed a sidekick to feel safe in my skin. As an adult I actually quite enjoy time to myself, hell I even embrace it. It’s such a beautiful thing to not have to take somebody else’s desires into the equation and only have to worry about myself. I know this all sounds terribly selfish (and it is), but I think that you can’t really be yourself if you are too busy being with others all of the time. It’s with this new found confidence that I’ve developed in adulthood that has led to me enjoying doing things on my own. I wouldn’t say I am that ambitious, but I quite enjoy a wander around the shops on my lonesome and a spot of breakfast/lunch. The freedom of just choosing which shops I want to go in and not wondering where my pal has disappeared to whilst I’ve been eyeing up a cord dress in Topshop. It’s incredibly self indulgent, but is also really effective in time management. No waiting around for the other person(s) you are with to finish noseying in River Island. None of that. Come and go at my own leisure. It’s also really refreshing to just enjoy my own company and enjoy things that I am fond of. 

Something that I never thought I would ever do is eat in a restaurant on my own, but these days I find it quite relaxing. Again I am in control of how long I spend there and can do what I want to whilst I’m there (like instagramming my food!!!). I usually read and stuff my face which are two things that I absolutely adore.

When I return home from my little date with myself I feel totally chilled out, like I’ve given myself a little holiday. I think that it’s so important to take care of ourselves and a part of doing that is making ‘you’ time. It’s important to remember who you are and what you like, you are important too!

I don’t think I’m ready to go to the cinema on my own yet (although I always see lots of people on their own when I go!), but I think these days I have almost completely outgrown my fear of being seen without a squad and it’s brilliant!

How do you feel about time on your own?

L x

8 thoughts on “Dating yourself… 

  1. Fijay

    These days I actually find I NEED it …..which is just as well really as I DO just date myself:D:D:D …and yes I enjoy it …probably for a lot of the reasons you mention ….Hmmmmm oh dear …that doesn’t sound too good does it …..Hmmmm sometimes wonder if once my children are grown I will just happily retire to live a life in my PJ’s …a reclusive cat woman if you know what I mean:D:D:D
    Must make sure I find a balance:D:D:D
    Thanks for the reminder

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  2. Honestly, a little alone time is something I really look forward to and try to include in my daily life no matter what. Solitude is important to me. I do everything better when alone coming to think of it! 😀

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