17 Things to do in Corfu…

Summer holiday season is in full swing and it appears that all of my social media feeds consist of people scantily clad and enjoying their holidays. Europe is an amazing place to explore in the summer, with perfect weather spread across the Mediterranean and culture to absorb. The Greek islands hold such a special place in my heart for summer holiday adventures and their natural beauty is unrivalled. I’ve been blown away on each visit. This year we decided to hit up Corfu for the first time and see what this delightful island in the sunshine has to offer. Here are seventeen things to do whilst on holiday in Corfu…
1. Visit Aqualand 

A great way to cool off in the scorching sunshine that us Brits simply aren’t used to is to visit popular water park Aqualand. It’s a great day out for everyone young and old with slides and pools galore. Just make sure you are liberal with the old sunscreen and top up regularly because scorched salmon is not a good look on anyone.

2. Stroll along the Canal D’Amor

The Canal D’Amor is absolutely stunning with incredible cliff top views and gorgeous little caves to swim through. Located to the North of the island, you could easily spend the day taking in their beauty whilst having a swim.

3. Have a lazy day by the pool

Something I was looking forward to doing was taking some time out to just relax by the pool. To do nothing except catch up with a good book, ice cold drink in hand, reeling in the sun’s sumptuous rays. We are all so busy, swept up in modern day life that it’s easy to overlook ourselves and it’s important to switch off from time to time and just be. So grab a book and a sun lounger!

4. Hit up the bars

There are some lovely little bars dotted around all over Corfu. Many with stunning coastal views. Serving nice cold drinks and offering free wifi, it’s a great way to kick start your holiday in the sun.

5. Have an evening walk through the villages

The Greek architecture is so, so cute with lovely painted Mediterranean houses and vibrant flowers outside. It’s great to explore on foot and embrace the lifestyle.
6. Visit Mouse Island and Corfu airport

Mouse island lays in shadow of flights taking off and landing at Corfu airport. It’s such a sweet little island, offering amazing views and general cuteness. You can take a little boat ride across or see it from above, complete with views of the planes taking off and landing. 

7. Stop for an ice cream

There are some lovely places to stop for an ice cream all over Corfu. From authentic Gelataria’s to home made ice cream, there’s a flavour for everyone! 

8. Visit Achillion Palace

Home to Empress Elisabeth, also known as Sisi, Achillion Palace is a must visit if you are after a bit of culture. It’s opulence rivals stately homes owned by the National Trust and the gardens are nothing short of beautiful.

9. Spend the day in Paleokastritsa 

My absolute favourite discovery whilst in Corfu was Paleokastritsa. Perhaps it’s the beauty, maybe it’s the vibes, either way it stole my heart from the moment I arrived. I fell so in love with the place that I insisted that we went back for a second visit. There is so much to do and it’s beauty is literally breath taking.

10. Have a slap up Greek meal

I absolutely adore stuffing my face with Greek food and when I was presented with this platter of an amazingly marinated meat feast with a side of courgette cakes, I knew that I had arrived at the Golden Gates of food heaven.

11. Explore the jagged rocks and coastline

I loved exploring the coast and wading through the sea to climb large rocks. There’s something about being surrounded by such a vast display of natural beauty that puts everything into perspective and I loved it.

12. Visit the Monastery

There’s a lovely Monastery near picture perfect Paleokastritsa and it is definitely worth a visit. Just remember to cover up and be respectful.

13. Go to Bella Vista

If postcard views is what you are after then Bella Vista is your place. The views will blow your mind and there’s a traditional village to explore too as well as lots of restaurants, all with that awesome view.

14. Hire a quad bike and go on a beach crawl

One of my absolute highlights of our trip was cruising along on a quad bike, up and down mountains, stopping at dreamy beaches and generally just getting under the skin of this emerald island.

15. Go on a boat ride

There are so many cruises on offer in Corfu from visits to other islands, caves and general stop and swimsin pretty locations. It’s such a lovely thing to do and a great way to cool off!

16. Visit Albania

Something that we didn’t actually do but toyed with the idea of was taking a ferry across to Albania. It’s so, so close to Corfu and gets another country ticked off of your list. So why not hop on a ferry and get exploring!

17. Spend a day shopping and exploring the town

There are some wonderful shops all selling locally produced products from ceramics, paintings, olive oil and wooden things such as pots and photo frames. We loved exploring the different shops and wandering around the town.
So there you have it, some ideas of things to do in Corfu.
Have you visited Corfu? What did you do?

L x

3 thoughts on “17 Things to do in Corfu…

  1. I like finding blogs about Corfu as it is one of our favourite places. We are currently sailing in the area on our yacht, and enjoy exploring the east coast of Corfu island by boat. Your photos are great and I can recognise where most of them were taken. You are obviously very much younger than me, as I would definitely NOT put AquaLand as my top place to visit, but I’m sure you had a fun time.


    1. Thank you for stopping by and taking time to comment. Exploring the island by boat sounds most delightful! I’m very envious especially as the weather is awful in the U.K. At the moment!
      Haha! We loved the water parks in Orlando, so now we always pop along if there is one nearby, although Aqualand certainly isn’t up to the same standard!
      Have fun soaking up the beautiful coastline and try to stop at Paleokastritsa, it’s so dreamy.

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