Tenerife Travel…

A couple of years ago my then fiancé/now hubby and I took a little Spring trip to Tenerife. I was really excited to go because I had heard such lovely things about the Canary Islands and plus Tenerife was where all of the cool kids at school went on holiday when I was probably exploring Somerset. It always seemed like such an exotic location and the epitome of fun, so let’s just say my hopes were set quite high for our trip.

We booked a hotel to the North of the island and right on the beach. The weather was a complete dream for the duration of our trip – sunshine and in the high twenties. It gave us that little bit of sunshine and warmth that is so desperately craved after a British winter.

On one of the days we walked to a lido that was not only absolutely gorgeous, but also not too busy. It wasn’t expensive either and had lovely saltwater pools. Honestly looking at these pictures makes me want to take another trip, that lido was super lush.

Where we stayed was relatively quiet because the main hub of action tends to be in Los Christianos. We weren’t too fussed about not being where it all goes down because in all honesty it was a holiday for us to just enjoy each other’s company and have a relatively simple trip.

Having said that it is impossible for us to have a lazy stay by the hotel and pool holiday because I’m just programmed to explore, so every day we went for mammoth walks along cliff tops and charcoal coloured beaches, embracing the volcanic charm of the island. The Spanish atmosphere consuming us as we grazed on tapas and attempted to practice our very limited Spanish vocabulary.

The coastline was dramatic and endearing, forgiving and natural. A complete contrast to London life and nine to fives.

I’m always happiest when I’m at the beach, any beach. There’s just something about the crashing of the sea meeting the land that soothes my soul and reminds me of just how my life really is just a drop in the ocean. The purity of the beach informing us that our world is huge and full of natural beauty.

On our walks we stumbled across marinas, cute little shops and lots of geckos receiving the warmth from the sunshine. I loved looking at their different patterns and colours. I’m always so intrigued by wildlife and adore looking out for local creatures whilst on our travels.

On one of the days we visited Loro Parque which is basically a zoo. Of course my upmost preference is to see animals wild and free, but I like to see what conservation work is being done in zoos around the globe and often they might have a species that I haven’t encountered before. At Loro Parque they have Orcas. Admittedly in the past I have been excited to see Orcas that are in captivity. When I was a child we visited SeaWorld and I absolutely loved the Shamu Stadium. It’s only when you reach adulthood that you fully understand just how intellectual these creatures are and how they really are meant to be wild and free, living their lives as we live ours. The only restraints being imposed by their own cultures and beliefs. Not controlled and demanded to perform by humans. I am so, so glad that people are finally seeing where these magnificent creatures belong and hopefully this will now spell the end for Orca captivity.

Overall we had such a lovely time exploring Tenerife. I loved the beaches, the sunshine and the atmosphere. I’m intrigued to see how the other Canary Islands compare because I am still yet to visit the others.

I think Tenerife is quite affordable to travel to from the UK and pretty much has something for everyone. There are party hotspots, quiet parts, gorgeous beaches, water sports and family activities all on offer.

It’s also generally quite pretty too!

Have you visited Tenerife or any of the Canary Islands? 
L x

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