Visiting the Ideal Home Show 2016…

Aaah, the Ideal Home Show. This is the only exhibition that I’m really committed to. I was won over when I was younger and they had a giant Direct Line car insurance telephone as well as a huge door. I felt like I was an extra in Jack and the Beanstalk and that was it, a forever fan. 

Since we bought our first home four years ago, we’ve made an effort to go every year. My husband normally takes notes and we geek out a little over all sorts of hopes for our dream home. I love having a good old nosey, grabbing a free goodie bag and looking at the latest gadgets. We are quite good, but usually end up buying something, pillows, candles… This year we have ordered a seated planter for the garden. We are now quite excited about its arrival in a couple of weeks!

I’ve also had my heart stolen by a Smeg kettle, toaster and mixer. My life currently now feels incomplete and I genuinely believe that it can be rectified by these red kitchen appliances. 

Usually I try and get free tickets online. Martin Lewis normally has an offer code on his site, but this year I was too slow and they had all gone. Just when I was thinking that I probably won’t go, up popped British Gas with some free tickets – hurrah! It’s usually around £20 entry, which can work out to be quite an expensive day if there’s a few of you going and you land up buying stuff. 

The show is on until the 3rd of April at London’s Olympia (it moved from Earl’s Court a couple years back), and I think it is well worth a visit. If you do get to go, look out for the special guest talks and pick up a goodie bag – they are quite good this year!

Seeing as we just moved house and are looking forward to putting our own stamp on this place, it was rather fitting that we went to the show and collected some ideas. We all had a lovely day and I’m already looking forward to next year!

Have you visited the Ideal Home Show this year?

Things to do in Sorrento, Italy…

  A couple of years ago we made the decision to book a relatively last minute trip to Italy at Easter time. Neither of us had been before and with my husband’s birthday being in April, it felt like a great way to celebrate his birthday and catch some winter rays.

I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I couldn’t wait to stuff my face with gelato along with copious amounts of carbs.

We had a lovely time in Sorrento and would highly recommend a visit. We stayed at the Nastro Azzuro Resort. It was like a dream. The hotel is absolutely gorgeous and we had a superior room with a balcony and sea view. The staff are wonderful and nothing is too much trouble. There is a beautiful pool and hot tubs as well as a lush little restaurant serving freshly made pizza with stunning views. This hotel is one my favourite hotels that I have ever stayed in, check it out if you are planning a trip!

Sorrento is a cute little town bursting with Italian charm. It’s a great place to go as it is easy to navigate from there to many places including Pompeii, Rome and Capri. 

Here are some things to do when visiting Sorrento!

1. Eat authentic Italian cuisine

One of the best things about Italy is their glorious food!!! There are so many amazing Italian dishes to try, so get yourself to a little restaurant and overindulge. I ate everything from risotto to pizza and every dish was divine. 

2. Go to the Marina

Sorrento is home to a cute little marina that is lined with restaurants and cafes. It’s a nice little walk down to the water and the marina is beautiful. It’s not the sort of place for sunbathing, but you can definitely have a paddle!

3. Stuff your face with Gelato!

There are so many stalls selling voluptuous, sweet Gelato in an abundance of flavours. We had a couple of scoops most days!

4. Mooch around the town

The town is so rich with culture and stunning architecture. It is also lined with shops selling a variety of goods from wooden puppets to the finest Italian leather handbags. We loved walking around the market and taking a break in the many cafes.

5. Use it as your base

With such great transport links, it’s super easy to explore Southern Italy from Sorrento. We went to Rome, Mount Versuvius and Pompeii, but you can also visit Herculaneum, the Amalfi Coast and many islands too.

6. Enjoy the sunshine!

The weather in Sorrento was absolutely gorgeous when we visited, we didn’t experience rain once. We embraced the incredible weather by lounging around by the pool with the sun kissing our skin. It was really lovely until I didn’t top up my sun cream and went paddling in the sea… I ended up so sunburnt that the Italians would exclaim ‘Mama Mia’ when they saw me. Not even joking. It was probably the worst I have ever been burnt, so don’t let those European rays of sunshine fool you – they are mighty!

Have you travelled to Sorrento?

L x

Five reasons I’m in love with Easter…

Ever since I was small I have absolutely adored Easter. As a carefree youngster with my only concern being if Nickelodeon were going to run back to back episodes of Sister Sister and Sabrina, Easter meant no school and loads of chocolate. Kid heaven. As an adult, I am still very much a fan of the Easter holidays and although I’m head over heels in love with Christmas, Easter is pretty amazing. 

Here are five reasons I love Easter…

1. Four day weekend.

Whilst I’m fully aware that not everybody gets bank holidays off, for those that do, having a four day weekend is pretty rad. It also means that you have two four day weeks, which makes the working week that much sweeter. Although you get two bank holidays at Christmas, they can fall on any day of the week, with no guarantee of a four day weekend. So Easter totally trumps that.

2. Chocolate.

It’s no secret that I possess possibly the sweetest tooth on the planet, so a holiday containing an abundance of chocolate provides me with almost as much joy as a lottery win. You will find me on the couch surrounded by foil over the weekend. 

3. It’s in spring.

Spring is such a lovely time of year, lighter evenings, the promise of summer and those gorgeous Spring days riddled with daffodils. What a great time to have a four day weekend!

4. No pressure

Christmas is truly wonderful, but there’s so much stress that comes with it. Visiting loved ones, sourcing gifts, cooking a feast. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves and I think it’s easy to get so consumed with it all that you have little time for yourself. Easter removes all of that. Chuck a couple of Easter eggs (which are literally everywhere) at family members, hang out with a couple of people if you wish. No worrying if you’ve forgotten to get a gift/send a card/visit your Gran. None of that. Stress – free.

5. The dude resurrected.

If you are a believer, then believing the fact that Jesus resurrected is quite awesome. I mean everybody is born, but resurrecting, I mean come on, that’s pretty special. Can’t see myself moving a giant rock and coming back to life after such a horrific ordeal. The dude is a hero, possibly on par with the likes of Captain America and Batman. We aren’t big on religion, but I think Easter is a great time to be a Christian.


What’s your favourite thing about Easter?


Eleven things to do in NYC…

I was so excited when my husband (then fiancé!), took me on a trip to New York for my birthday in January 2014. Lots of my friends had already been and I was desperate to walk the streets made famous by so many films and television shows. In my mind I expected New York to be similar to London, but far more glamorous and sophisticated. In reality, it was much grittier than London. Sure there are some super glam places, but if you really delve into the city, you can feel it’s dark undertones. New York is a character with many layers, multi dimensional and completely unique. There were times during our trip that I was giddy with love and others when I couldn’t wait to tread the streets of London again. We were busy the entire time  because I love to absorb as much as I can when visiting somewhere new. We had a great experience and created many memories (including when I almost got kidnapped downtown). I now present to you eleven things to do in New York City!

1. Take a helicopter tour

This isn’t for everyone, but we took a helicopter tour of the city and it blew my mind. It was such an incredible experience and a great way to see the city in a different light. It’s a bit pricey, but well worth it if you can splash out a little. We booked through Attraction Tickets, who are a company I swear by when booking excursions from the UK, Stateside. They always send you real tickets with no fuss. No printing yourself, no waiting in line to collect and they are always quite reasonable too.

2. Stroll around Central Park

This iconic park is beautiful all year round, covered in snow during winter and bursting with colour all through the summer, it’s a cheap day in the city that is absolutely wonderful. In winter you can go ice skating and in summer you can hire boats. You can enjoy long walks squirrel spotting or just lounge around watching the world go by. A must visit if you are in the City.

3. Go to the zoo

Not the largest zoo in the world, but a lovely little place all the same, the zoo is nestled in Central Park and home to many animals, including these gorgeous snow leopards.

The zoo is reasonably priced and is a nice way to spend a couple of hours.

4. Go to the Natural History Museum and the planetarium.


My husband and I adore astronomy, so I always try and source a good planetarium if we can squeeze it in to our trip. The Hayden Planetarium in New York is absolutely incredible and I think it is my favourite planetarium that we have been to. It’s average in price and really well put together. I could easily lay there all day!

The Natural History Museum is amazing in itself, with so many artefacts to explore. New York is home to so many galleries and museums, it is worth researching which ones will be of interest to you and squeezing a visit into your trip.

5.  Go somewhere delicious to eat

We were lucky enough to meet up with our friends Heidi and Ian (who live in Boston) during our trip  for dinner and dessert. It was great to have their advice on where to go and what to do as they have visited NYC many times. There are thousands of restaurants in the city and you can pretty much eat whatever your heart desires. Countless Italian restaurants.. Chinatown.. You name it, it’s in New York. We ate in Korean Town and had dessert in a French Patisserie. It was such a lovely evening. 

6. Visit the Empire State Building or Top of the Rock


We actually visited the Empire State Building twice as visibility was low on our first visit. I would highly recommend a night time trip as seeing the city glisten is amazing, such a gorgeous light show. I don’t think that you need to do both the Top of the Rock and The Empire State because in all honesty the view isn’t that different. Personally, I found that the Empire State was more iconic and traditional, but it’s completely up to you!

7. See the Statue of Liberty

This is kinda unavoidable as you can see the statue as you arrive at New Jersey airport, but it’s still a must see. There are many ways you can see the green giant from boat to helicopter, or even from the land. The ferries are quite reasonable and you can either sail past or hop off and climb. I loved seeing the statue from the helicopter as we could see so much detailing from flying around it.

8. Visit the 9/11 Memorial


This was a really emotive experience that really hit home. What these poor, poor people went through was absolutely awful and the City will never be the same again. Taking time out to reflect was something I was keen to do during our trip and I’m so glad that we went. It may not be for everyone, but it’s a tranquil place to visit. 

9. Shop in Times Square


We loved hanging out in Times Square. There are so many shops nearby and it’s just such a vibrant area that oozes life. There are many places in New York City where you feel as though you are in some major blockbuster and Times Square is one of them. Definitely worth a visit!

10.  Visit the New York public library

This building is beautiful and a must visit, especially if you are a Sex and the City fan! Make sure that you visit during the day time as it closes quite early.

11. Pass through Grand Central Station


Possibly the most beautiful station in the world is Grand Central. With its intricate architecture and bustling atmosphere, it is pretty special. Grab a coffee and watch the world go by.

We had a great time in New York and would definitely visit again. The only thing that we didn’t do that I would have loved was seeing a show on Broadway. I’m a huge fan of the theatre and I know that it would have made for a spectacular evening, sadly we didn’t quite have enough time though. Squeeze it in if you can!

Have you visited New York? What did you get up to?

L x

Whale watching in Reykjavik…

Last summer we swam with sharks in Hawaii and it was absolutely incredible. Seeing these gorgeous sea predators in their natural environment blew my mind and it was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Being such an animal lover, this created a thirst for seeing more wonderful creatures in their natural environment. When we were in Los Angeles a few days after the shark swim, I saw Whale Watching tours operating from Long Beach and was desperate to go. I hadn’t factored in the time for such a trip into our itinerary and my poor hubby had felt terribly seasick whilst on the shark swim, so wasn’t exactly thrilled at the proposition, therefore I just cycled by, dreaming of a day when I would go whale watching and see the sea giants thriving in the ocean. It was shortly after our return that I began to crave a whale watching tour and decided that our next trip should incorporate such an experience. Therefore I was delighted that you could go whale watching in Iceland and it was a fundamental part of our visit there. I was literally so excited and couldn’t wait to spot the sea creatures.

We booked our trip through Reykjavik Excursions. It was very reasonable and before we knew it we were rolling around a boat in snow suits with beady eyes searching. Shortly into our trip, my poor hubby became disgustingly seasick which meant that he was confined to staying under the deck curled up in a ball. I felt really sorry for him and the many others who had fallen victim to the movement of the sea. It was a four hour trip and he felt unwell for its entirety. Certainly not the experience I had envisioned when booking the it!

I, on the other hand, felt absolutely fine and spent the four hours bouncing around various parts of the ship with the minority of people who were able to withstand the movement that the Greenland Sea demands, its presence being felt wherever you were standing.

We were all searching for a few hours, before admitting defeat. Sadly, we didn’t see any whales or Dolphins. I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t disappointed, but that’s the beauty of it. These animals are wild and free, as they should be, they aren’t performers or there to be gawped at. Although I would have loved to have seen an Orca, I am elated that they are free and would take that risk of not seeing one over one that is confined to a small tank any day. The good thing is if you don’t see any whales on your trip, you can come back again anytime free of charge (not that my poor hubby was vibing another trip after feeling so poorly!). Would I go again? Absolutely, I still had a nice time and would love to see any whales!

Have you ever been whale watching?


The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

From the moment that we decided to take a trip to Iceland, I immediately began to drain the Internet for information about this magical, ice kingdom located well and truly in the Northern Hemisphere. I read a few blog posts from people who had been to Iceland and one thing became very clear; Iceland is a place that you fall in love with. It envelopes you under it’s spell and charms you with its extravagant natural beauty until you are head over heels. One of these charms is The Blue Lagoon, a geothermal spa set in luscious lava fields. It looked and sounded like heaven on Earth and I knew that we had to go. 

From reading other posts and various other articles online, I drew the conclusion that it was definitely a place that we needed to book before venturing to as it gets super busy. I booked a few weeks in advance, and many of the time slots were already taken. They offer a variety of packages to suit various budgets, ranging from the basic entrance fee of 40 Euros, right up to the luxury package which costs 195 Euros. We opted for the Premium package at 70 Euros, which included a bathrobe and slippers as well as face masks, a drink and a towel. This was perfect for us as it was so nice having the bathrobe to lounge around in and provide a little bit of protection from the arctic temperatures. 

We arrived using the Flybus service, which is really handy for getting around in Iceland. We were collected from Downtown Reykjavik and whisked off to the Blue Lagoon. It was very affordable, took around forty minutes and they had free wifi – hurrah!

When we arrived, we collected our wristbands, (which are used for literally everything – lockers, drinks) and dashed into the changing rooms as fast as we could, desperate to encounter the infamous Blue Lagoon. They recommend that you cover your hair in conditioner as the Silca from the water can make your hair unmanageable. I put tonnes of conditioner on and my hair still resembled that of a scarecrow two days later. I dread to think what it would have been like if I hadn’t bothered!

Once we were all showered and swimmer’d up, we strolled straight into the glorious water. It’s between 38 and 40 degrees and feels divine. It was great to just enjoy the beautiful surroundings and lush water. A real pause from adulthood, we just existed for a couple of hours. We drank smoothies, danced under waterfalls and smothered Algae over our faces. It was mega relaxing and we just enjoyed life for a bit. Our skin felt amazing!

Soon it was time for us to board the Fly Bus and say goodbye to the Blue Lagoon. Although it is touristy, and isn’t completely natural, we had a great time and would definitely visit again. They are building a hotel there and my husband is keen to stay there for a couple of days and switch off from life, so maybe we will find ourselves back again one day soon.
Have you visited the Blue Lagoon?

Our Big Build…

  So last month we finally moved house after five months of chasing solicitors  (honestly, it’s such a drawn out process!!), and are now well and truly in our new home. It’s so exciting as this place is in a lovely location and has many things that our last home didn’t. We really feel like this is a home that we will stay in for quite a while and really want to make it our own. We are planning on changing every room in the house in some way, with the exception of the upstairs bathroom and this week the builders started. They quickly demolished our little 1970’s porch and have laid the foundations for our new one. I’m super excited about our new porch as I’ve thought quite a bit about it and can’t wait to utilise it for coat and shoe storage. I also want to create a welcoming environment as you enter the house.

We have a toilet downstairs that was a wonderful sight – coloured suite with blue tiles and pink walls! The rest of the house is quite contemporary and it really stuck out. The builders removed the suite and tiles on the first day and Pete the Plasterer came on the second day. He’s done such a wonderful job, I can’t wait for it to finish drying so that we can decorate it ready for our white suite to go in. We have chosen a woodland theme for it and I think it might turn out to be quite special.

The final part of our mini project is to put in patio doors off of the dining room so that you can access the garden easier. We were spoilt in our last home with huge sliding doors onto the back garden. I used to love throwing them open and letting the outdoors in. We currently have a side door off of the kitchen, which is great until it’s 6am, pouring with rain and you have to escort the dog into the garden because there is a gate between the side door and the garden. The plumber is going to move the radiator to the other wall and the builders will put in the new patio doors. They are also building us a three metre squared decked area so that we can step straight out with our din dins in the summer evenings. 

So that’s our big plan, I plan on putting together a post after each room has been renovated and am quite enjoying exploring various home interior ideas.

I can’t wait until it’s all finished, I’ll keep you posted on how it pans out!
Have you renovated your home?
L x

Seven things to do in Iceland…

A couple of weeks ago we wrapped ourselves up and jetted off for six days in Iceland. Neither of us had been before and I was so excited to visit a country so different from our own, but with such a tiny population and temperatures well below freezing what would we do? After reading lots of blog posts and draining the Internet of information, I planned a rough itinerary for our trip and we had a blast.

I now present to you, seven things to do in Iceland.

1. Go Snowmobiling!!!

For me, the highlight of our trip was whizzing around a glacier on a snowmobile whilst wearing a snuggly snowsuit in temperatures of around minus 18. 

We booked with Mountaineers of Iceland and had the best time. It was a little bit on the pricey side if you are travelling on a small budget, but absolutely incredible.

2. See the Northern Lights

An absolute must if you are traveling to Iceland in the winter. Yes, it’s cold and yes, you have to travel out of town, but boy is it worth it. We booked with Reykjavik Excursions. They were very reasonable in price and the great thing is if you don’t see the Northern Lights, you can come again for free. Luckily for us we managed to see them on our first try and my husband got some great shots on the DSLR, but here is one from my iPhone!

3. Visit the Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is world famous for its beautiful geothermal water set in lava fields. It’s such a stunner and another must see in Iceland. Sure, it’s a major tourist hotspot, but it’s also absolutely gorgeous and you can’t beat having a facial whilst relaxing in such a lush location. Make sure you pre book as it gets very busy. They have a range of packages available to suit most budgets and you can easily use the Flybus to travel from Reykjavik to the Lagoon. You can book Blue Lagoon tickets here.

4. Go Whale watching

I absolutely adore the giants of the sea, so whale watching was a must do activity for me whilst in Iceland. Unfortunately it was an unsuccessful trip for us as my poor Hubby was terribly seasick (for the entire four hour boat ride!) and I didn’t see any whales. I’m so glad that we went though.

5. Have a stroll around Reykjavik

Reykjavik is such a cute city and there is so much to see just walking around from shops that celebrate Christmas all year round (amazing!!) to wonderful restaurants serving authentic food from all over the world.

 You will also see brilliant architecture and street art, Reykjavik is bursting with character!


6. Meander around the harbour

Reykjavik is a seaside city with stunning views from the harbour. It’s really nice to have a walk along the sea front, breathing in that salty sea air that envelopes you in a seaside dream. 


If you visit on a winters’ evening, you can sometimes see the Northern lights from Downtown Reykjavik!

7. Do the Golden Circle tour

The Golden Circle tour allows you to visit the Gullfoss waterfall, Geysirs and Pingviller National Park. Each of these sites are mind blowingly beautiful. The tours are quite fairly priced and it’s great that you can see all three in one day, giving you more time to explore the other lush parts of Iceland.


So there you have it, a few ideas to explore in Iceland.
Have you visited Iceland before? Did you do any of these?

L x 


Life lately…

Life has been a bit mad over the past few weeks. We finally completed on our house move and are now living in our new abode. If you have moved home recently (or perhaps ever!), the complete upheaval it causes will be fresh in your memory. I always think of myself as someone who doesn’t have a lot of stuff, so I was flabbergasted on moving day when we managed to fill up the entire van and five cars! I literally had to call family members and demand that they bring their empty cars for us to fill. Phil also had to pop back for my lovely plants that I was adamant weren’t to be left behind. It was a full on day, but I’m glad that we are finally in and making the place our own. We also went to Iceland four days after moving house, which in some ways was great as it took us away from the cardboard chaos we had been living with for a couple of weeks, but also bonkers because it meant that we had to organise everything to do with our trip too. We had an amazing adventure and I’m so glad that we went. We also haven’t had the Internet for the past month which has resembled nothing less than the constitutions of hell. Sure, at times it was refreshing, but most of the time I found it quite stressful. It was made worse by the fact that I have little phone signal, so couldn’t even Google something quickly. I have learnt that adulthood requires quite a bit of Googling stuff I’m unsure of! Anyway, we have now arrived at this point… A month in, fully unpacked and today the builders have started so we can put a stamp on our new pad. I know that we have a long way to go until everything has settled and is perfect, but we are well on the way and I couldn’t be happier.

Are you looking forward to anything soon?

L x