Whale watching in Reykjavik…

Last summer we swam with sharks in Hawaii and it was absolutely incredible. Seeing these gorgeous sea predators in their natural environment blew my mind and it was one of the most memorable experiences of my life. Being such an animal lover, this created a thirst for seeing more wonderful creatures in their natural environment. When we were in Los Angeles a few days after the shark swim, I saw Whale Watching tours operating from Long Beach and was desperate to go. I hadn’t factored in the time for such a trip into our itinerary and my poor hubby had felt terribly seasick whilst on the shark swim, so wasn’t exactly thrilled at the proposition, therefore I just cycled by, dreaming of a day when I would go whale watching and see the sea giants thriving in the ocean. It was shortly after our return that I began to crave a whale watching tour and decided that our next trip should incorporate such an experience. Therefore I was delighted that you could go whale watching in Iceland and it was a fundamental part of our visit there. I was literally so excited and couldn’t wait to spot the sea creatures.

We booked our trip through Reykjavik Excursions. It was very reasonable and before we knew it we were rolling around a boat in snow suits with beady eyes searching. Shortly into our trip, my poor hubby became disgustingly seasick which meant that he was confined to staying under the deck curled up in a ball. I felt really sorry for him and the many others who had fallen victim to the movement of the sea. It was a four hour trip and he felt unwell for its entirety. Certainly not the experience I had envisioned when booking the it!

I, on the other hand, felt absolutely fine and spent the four hours bouncing around various parts of the ship with the minority of people who were able to withstand the movement that the Greenland Sea demands, its presence being felt wherever you were standing.

We were all searching for a few hours, before admitting defeat. Sadly, we didn’t see any whales or Dolphins. I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t disappointed, but that’s the beauty of it. These animals are wild and free, as they should be, they aren’t performers or there to be gawped at. Although I would have loved to have seen an Orca, I am elated that they are free and would take that risk of not seeing one over one that is confined to a small tank any day. The good thing is if you don’t see any whales on your trip, you can come back again anytime free of charge (not that my poor hubby was vibing another trip after feeling so poorly!). Would I go again? Absolutely, I still had a nice time and would love to see any whales!

Have you ever been whale watching?


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