The Blue Lagoon, Iceland

From the moment that we decided to take a trip to Iceland, I immediately began to drain the Internet for information about this magical, ice kingdom located well and truly in the Northern Hemisphere. I read a few blog posts from people who had been to Iceland and one thing became very clear; Iceland is a place that you fall in love with. It envelopes you under it’s spell and charms you with its extravagant natural beauty until you are head over heels. One of these charms is The Blue Lagoon, a geothermal spa set in luscious lava fields. It looked and sounded like heaven on Earth and I knew that we had to go. 

From reading other posts and various other articles online, I drew the conclusion that it was definitely a place that we needed to book before venturing to as it gets super busy. I booked a few weeks in advance, and many of the time slots were already taken. They offer a variety of packages to suit various budgets, ranging from the basic entrance fee of 40 Euros, right up to the luxury package which costs 195 Euros. We opted for the Premium package at 70 Euros, which included a bathrobe and slippers as well as face masks, a drink and a towel. This was perfect for us as it was so nice having the bathrobe to lounge around in and provide a little bit of protection from the arctic temperatures. 

We arrived using the Flybus service, which is really handy for getting around in Iceland. We were collected from Downtown Reykjavik and whisked off to the Blue Lagoon. It was very affordable, took around forty minutes and they had free wifi – hurrah!

When we arrived, we collected our wristbands, (which are used for literally everything – lockers, drinks) and dashed into the changing rooms as fast as we could, desperate to encounter the infamous Blue Lagoon. They recommend that you cover your hair in conditioner as the Silca from the water can make your hair unmanageable. I put tonnes of conditioner on and my hair still resembled that of a scarecrow two days later. I dread to think what it would have been like if I hadn’t bothered!

Once we were all showered and swimmer’d up, we strolled straight into the glorious water. It’s between 38 and 40 degrees and feels divine. It was great to just enjoy the beautiful surroundings and lush water. A real pause from adulthood, we just existed for a couple of hours. We drank smoothies, danced under waterfalls and smothered Algae over our faces. It was mega relaxing and we just enjoyed life for a bit. Our skin felt amazing!

Soon it was time for us to board the Fly Bus and say goodbye to the Blue Lagoon. Although it is touristy, and isn’t completely natural, we had a great time and would definitely visit again. They are building a hotel there and my husband is keen to stay there for a couple of days and switch off from life, so maybe we will find ourselves back again one day soon.
Have you visited the Blue Lagoon?

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