Our Big Build…

  So last month we finally moved house after five months of chasing solicitors  (honestly, it’s such a drawn out process!!), and are now well and truly in our new home. It’s so exciting as this place is in a lovely location and has many things that our last home didn’t. We really feel like this is a home that we will stay in for quite a while and really want to make it our own. We are planning on changing every room in the house in some way, with the exception of the upstairs bathroom and this week the builders started. They quickly demolished our little 1970’s porch and have laid the foundations for our new one. I’m super excited about our new porch as I’ve thought quite a bit about it and can’t wait to utilise it for coat and shoe storage. I also want to create a welcoming environment as you enter the house.

We have a toilet downstairs that was a wonderful sight – coloured suite with blue tiles and pink walls! The rest of the house is quite contemporary and it really stuck out. The builders removed the suite and tiles on the first day and Pete the Plasterer came on the second day. He’s done such a wonderful job, I can’t wait for it to finish drying so that we can decorate it ready for our white suite to go in. We have chosen a woodland theme for it and I think it might turn out to be quite special.

The final part of our mini project is to put in patio doors off of the dining room so that you can access the garden easier. We were spoilt in our last home with huge sliding doors onto the back garden. I used to love throwing them open and letting the outdoors in. We currently have a side door off of the kitchen, which is great until it’s 6am, pouring with rain and you have to escort the dog into the garden because there is a gate between the side door and the garden. The plumber is going to move the radiator to the other wall and the builders will put in the new patio doors. They are also building us a three metre squared decked area so that we can step straight out with our din dins in the summer evenings. 

So that’s our big plan, I plan on putting together a post after each room has been renovated and am quite enjoying exploring various home interior ideas.

I can’t wait until it’s all finished, I’ll keep you posted on how it pans out!
Have you renovated your home?
L x

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