Our first BBQ in the new house…

You may remember reading about our house move that took place a couple of months ago. One of the things that really stood out for us when viewing this house back in October was the garden. It has a sumptuous patio area that is a brilliant size and absolutely perfect for barbecues. From that moment on I was on countdown to Summer when we could invite our buddies over and bust out the barbecue. I’ve decided to try and have a barbecue once a month and think it’s a wonderful excuse to have a few people over for a catch up and to stuff our faces. With the warmer weather slowly creeping in (snow one week, heatwave the next?!), last Saturday was a great day for a barbecue. Although a little cooler than the weekend before, the sun was shining and the fire pit burning. Oh how I adore a barbecue!

The hubby and I made a trip to the supermarket to stock up on supplies the night before. We decided to make rocky road and frozen yoghurt as sweet treats for our guests. The rocky roads were so tasty I could have happily hidden them away for myself. Damn you conscience!

When people arrived they brought a wonderful array of goodies from burgers, lemonade, halloumi, right down to this marvellous cheesecake made by our friend Sarah. It was lovely that everybody brought something and meant that we had a gorgeous variety of food on offer.

It was so nice to be out in the garden enjoying the sunshine. Holly loved having lots of people to fuss over her and the new addition to our garden – the Egg Chair – got some use too.

We hung out, caught up and played Heads Up which is an app version of charades and terribly fun. It records the people acting out the cards and is such a giggle. I would highly recommend it. The girls team won – hurrah!

There was ten of us in total and all eight of our guests were part of our wedding party. It’s not very often that we all manage to get together, but it’s so lovely when we do because everybody gets on brilliantly.

We were chatting away in the garden when we realised that Eurovision was on later that evening, which resulted in us deciding to have an impromptu Eurovision party. I have never been massively into Eurovision and have only rarely watched the whole show. A few people popped out to top up our alcoholic stash and then we all put in some change and drew countries out of a hat. I picked The Netherlands and Ukraine and was convinced I wasn’t going to be winning any monies. Flash forward a couple of hours and I had morphed into Eurovisions biggest fan, shouting at the telly and critiquing away. I was convinced that Australia had won (which they had), right up until the last second. I was super pleased when Ukraine won. Hello seven quid!

I had a great time hosting our first barbecue here and can’t wait until our next one in June. 

Have you had your first barbecue of 2016 yet?

L x

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