Visiting Disneyworld’s Hollywood Studios…

I absolutely adore visiting the Disney Parks. They are always so beautifully presented, with attention to detail being key. When you visit a Disney Park, they envelope you and take you away from everyday life and into a place riddled with positivity and fun. I think it’s impossible to have a bad day at Disney, even if it’s raining. Once when we were in Paris, I only went on one ride the whole day and still had an awesome time. Speaking of Paris, I love their Walt Disney Studio Park, and was really intrigued to see how it compared to Disneyworld’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando. I hadn’t visited Disneyworld for a few years and my memory of the park was quite hazy, so I was super excited to head back as an adult and see if it exceeded my childhood memories. Sadly, it did not and I was actually quite disappointed by this park. Sure, there’s a cool Star Wars show and the Hollywood Tower of Terror, but there isn’t much beyond that and I did feel quite disappointed. Let’s not get too bogged down because it is still an incredible park that superceeds your average theme park – it is Disney after all. I just felt that in terms of what the other parks have to offer, it is a bit of a let down. I must point out though that it is currently undergoing a massive overhaul and I’m pretty sure that a piece of Star Wars heaven will be born there within the next couple of years. 

I felt that an afternoon spent there was certainly appropriate and there wasn’t really a need to visit over a couple of days. My husband adores the Rock ‘N’ Rollercoaster, which resides at this park and it is also home to the iconic Star Tours which is also in the Paris park. Toy Story Mania is also based here and that ride is super fun and worth a go. There is also a ride called ‘The Great Movie Ride’, which is honestly one of the most bizarre rides that I have ever been on. It’s super odd and I think I spent a lot of the time with my nose scrunched up and generally a bit confused. 

I think I was so disappointed by this park because the one in Paris is tonnes better, with more rides and thrilling shows. I was expecting it to be so much greater as it is Disneyworld, which is supposed to be the Creme de la Creme of Disney and well, it just didn’t excite me much.

I think that you should definitely go and it’s going to be amazing once all of the construction work is done, but don’t plan on spending too much time there as I’m pretty sure you’ll run out of things to do once you’ve done the big rides.

Have you visited Hollywood Studios? Did it live up to your expectations?
L x

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