My top five places for a devilish dessert

Okay, so it’s no secret that I am head over heels in love with stuffing my face with scrumptious (if not naughty) food.

I am quite open to trying new things and in all honesty, there isn’t much that I won’t eat (except fish.. it rarely goes anywhere near my mouth!). The cooler, miserable weather makes me feel like hibernating. Or at least comfort eating to take the edge off of the cold days and dark evenings (who needs a bikini bod in wintry England anyway?! it’s all about layers and baggy clothes, darling!). So I thought that I would put together my top five places to go for a decent dessert. Some are nationwide and some are more local to me.

1. Crepe Affaire

I absolutely adore this place and my favourite branch has got to be the one in Westfield London. It’s such a great location as with so many fabulous restaurants nearby, it’s a perfect plan to stuff your face initially somewhere else and then mooch around the shops before hitting up Crepe Affaire for dessert. It’s open quite late and is inside the shopping centre. Perfect for avoiding a rainy evening in London. I usually opt for a Belgian milk chocolate crepe with whipped cream and vanilla ice cream. Totes delish, They also run a loyalty scheme, so you can have a treat for free Hurrah!

2. Indulge dessert lounge

207 Marsh Road, Pinner, HA5 5NE

Indulge is located in Pinner and is a great place to go for a cheeky sweet treat. They have a large selection of cakes, ice cream, waffles and milkshakes. They have recently extended their premises to accommodate more customers. Yippee!

It is open from mid morning until late, so you can pretty much pop in anytime. The thing that I like about this place is that you can easily meet a friend here for a quick catch up  and still have a treat. I usually opt for a crepe, but their waffles and milkshakes are most divine too!

There are lots of dessert lounges popping up at the moment, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for local ones.

3. Auntie Anne’s 

Whenever I pass an Auntie Anne’s, the gentle waft of their scrumptious pretzels consumes me and I am rarely able to pass one without stopping and grabbing either vanilla stix or a chocolate sugar pretzel. Auntie Anne’s is often near a shopping precinct, so it’s a brilliant idea to stop and grab one whilst out shopping (it also provides an energy boost, resulting in more shopping stamina!)

Auntie Anne’s have also started a loyalty scheme, so you can be rewarded with free pretzels – result!

4. Restaurants that are a pub or feel like a pub

Okay, so as someone with a terribly sweet tooth, when we are in a pub or a pub style restaurant (think Harvester, Beefeater etc), one of the first questions I ask is do they have a dessert menu? Most often, they do and it’s absolutely lovely. You will often find crumbles, cakes and my personal fave, ice cream sundaes. You can’t beat a chocolate brownie ice cream sundae and most of the pub restaurants have a nice selection, so defo check them out!


5. Ask Italian

When Phil and I visited Italy last year, we were disappointed by the desserts on offer. Wherever we went, we would sample the most delicious pizza, risotto, bolognese… followed by a rubbish tasting cake. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t all bad – the gelato was obviously delightful, but overall disappointment. Ask Itailian on the other hand serve not only yummy Italian food, but also great desserts to match. I can recommend their chocolate sharing platter (although I think the portion size needs addressing!) and the profiteroles (they are literally the best I have ever had. Ever).Next time you are enjoying the delights of Ask, save room for dessert!


I could list off many other places to go for a naughty treat, but these are my current top five.

Right, I’m off to grab some and Ben & Jerry’s from the freezer!

L x

25 Facts about me…

So I recently read a ’25 facts about me’ blog post and thought that I would be give it a go. Even if it is slightly self indulgent!

1. I love food. No, really love food. I love trying new foods, enjoying past favourites and generally stuffing my face. If I am going out for the day, one of my first thoughts is always ‘What will I eat for lunch/dinner/snacks?’ or ‘Where can I get a nice meal near…’

2. I love animals. I find them absolutely fascinating and generally wonderful. I saw a cat pressing the doorbell to be let in the other day. It was brilliant!

3. I’m really close to my Grandad. I spent a lot of time with him when I was younger. We even lived with him until I was almost five. He’s amazing.

4. I’m a complete germaphobe. It’s become much more apparent over the last five years or so, but I’ve never liked being dirty. When I was little, the nursery used to complain to my Mum that I demanded to be changed if I got anything on my clothes (diva!). It’s much more complex nowadays, I won’t touch handrails on the tube or toilet door handles etc and I must anti bac my hands well over twenty times a day.

5. I love clothes. I’m not exactly what I would refer to as a fashionista or anything, but I love fun, fast fashion. I love seeing what’s new and pushes boundaries. I adore how you can express yourself freely by choosing what you wear and experimenting. Also, once I like it, I like it and I’m going to wear it. As everybody found out when I chose to wear a sari to my cousin’s traditional Christian wedding when I was six. No stopping me.

6. I’m a telly addict. Especially trash tv. Reality shows like Teen Mom and Big Brother are my guilty pleasures. I also adore much more credible shows like Game of Thrones, but slap some trash on and I’m in my element.

7. I have middle aged/old lady hobbies such as gardening and sewing. Haven’t quite crossed into knitting (yet!).

8. I’m at my worst when I am tired or hungry. If I’m both, probably best not to talk to me.

9. I have night terrors and frequently terrify Phil by sitting up in bed choking and screaming about a coin I’ve swallowed or a huge spider.

10. I love travelling. My most favourite thing ever is travelling to parts of the world I haven’t seen before (or have, but love, like Florida). I love researching into things to do/see/experience. I like to embrace different cultures and learn from them.

11. I always snuggle with a blanket. Even in summer. Always. I especially love snuggling on the couch watching telly.

12. I hate going to the supermarket to do a food shop. I find it terribly laborious. That’s why I always do our food shopping online, much easier!

13. I love going to the theatre. We try and go quite regularly and I just enjoy everything – the atmosphere, the talent, the ice cream during the interval. Everything.

14. I’m not a girly girl when it comes to footwear. I go from Uggs in winter, to Toms in spring to sandals/flip flops in summer and repeat the footwear cycle.

15. I like vintage shopping. I love how you can find hidden gems that are unique. There are lots of lovely vintage shops in Brighton.

16. I hate rain. And general cold weather. I feel as though I was born to live in closer proximity to the equator than I currently do.

17. I love singing along to songs in the car. Yes, this makes me particularly annoying to travel with.

18. I’m not fond of the band Queen. This often makes people recoil in horror. Whilst I can appreciate their iconic talent, it’s getting a bit boring now.

19. I love, love, love, love, love, Bath & Bodyworks products. So much so, that I now refuse to use any other hand sanitizer/hand soap/candle/body wash.

20. I hate spilling things. I just find it terribly annoying as I probably spilt it because I was in a rush and wasn’t being careful. Then I’ve got more work to do!

21. I fall asleep watching tv all the time. I’m often woken by Phil startling me and sending me to bed.

22. The inside of my car is always messy. With a dog and lots of people in and out of it, it probably stays clean for two days after I’ve had it cleaned. Worth it.

23. I love cosy nights in and lazy mornings. I adore curling up on the sofa with ice cream, the dog and my love. Especially in the colder months.

24. I’m a fair weather outdoor lover. On a lovely day I think the best place to be is outside, soaking up vitamin D and nature. I love the fresh air, the feel of grass and the beauty of flowers. Love.

25. I’m a vlogger. A few weeks ago I started vlogging as a way to document life. Things that will be forgotten in a few days remain remembered and shared. I was inspired by my friend Nichola, although her vlogging is in a completely different style to mine. I like viewers to experience life as I see it and feel as though they can relate. I can’t imagine not vlogging now!

So there you have it. A self indulgent blog post featuring twenty five facts about me. HA.