Seven things to do in Iceland…

A couple of weeks ago we wrapped ourselves up and jetted off for six days in Iceland. Neither of us had been before and I was so excited to visit a country so different from our own, but with such a tiny population and temperatures well below freezing what would we do? After reading lots of blog posts and draining the Internet of information, I planned a rough itinerary for our trip and we had a blast.

I now present to you, seven things to do in Iceland.

1. Go Snowmobiling!!!

For me, the highlight of our trip was whizzing around a glacier on a snowmobile whilst wearing a snuggly snowsuit in temperatures of around minus 18. 

We booked with Mountaineers of Iceland and had the best time. It was a little bit on the pricey side if you are travelling on a small budget, but absolutely incredible.

2. See the Northern Lights

An absolute must if you are traveling to Iceland in the winter. Yes, it’s cold and yes, you have to travel out of town, but boy is it worth it. We booked with Reykjavik Excursions. They were very reasonable in price and the great thing is if you don’t see the Northern Lights, you can come again for free. Luckily for us we managed to see them on our first try and my husband got some great shots on the DSLR, but here is one from my iPhone!

3. Visit the Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is world famous for its beautiful geothermal water set in lava fields. It’s such a stunner and another must see in Iceland. Sure, it’s a major tourist hotspot, but it’s also absolutely gorgeous and you can’t beat having a facial whilst relaxing in such a lush location. Make sure you pre book as it gets very busy. They have a range of packages available to suit most budgets and you can easily use the Flybus to travel from Reykjavik to the Lagoon. You can book Blue Lagoon tickets here.

4. Go Whale watching

I absolutely adore the giants of the sea, so whale watching was a must do activity for me whilst in Iceland. Unfortunately it was an unsuccessful trip for us as my poor Hubby was terribly seasick (for the entire four hour boat ride!) and I didn’t see any whales. I’m so glad that we went though.

5. Have a stroll around Reykjavik

Reykjavik is such a cute city and there is so much to see just walking around from shops that celebrate Christmas all year round (amazing!!) to wonderful restaurants serving authentic food from all over the world.

 You will also see brilliant architecture and street art, Reykjavik is bursting with character!


6. Meander around the harbour

Reykjavik is a seaside city with stunning views from the harbour. It’s really nice to have a walk along the sea front, breathing in that salty sea air that envelopes you in a seaside dream. 


If you visit on a winters’ evening, you can sometimes see the Northern lights from Downtown Reykjavik!

7. Do the Golden Circle tour

The Golden Circle tour allows you to visit the Gullfoss waterfall, Geysirs and Pingviller National Park. Each of these sites are mind blowingly beautiful. The tours are quite fairly priced and it’s great that you can see all three in one day, giving you more time to explore the other lush parts of Iceland.


So there you have it, a few ideas to explore in Iceland.
Have you visited Iceland before? Did you do any of these?

L x 


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