Five reasons I’m in love with Easter…

Ever since I was small I have absolutely adored Easter. As a carefree youngster with my only concern being if Nickelodeon were going to run back to back episodes of Sister Sister and Sabrina, Easter meant no school and loads of chocolate. Kid heaven. As an adult, I am still very much a fan of the Easter holidays and although I’m head over heels in love with Christmas, Easter is pretty amazing. 

Here are five reasons I love Easter…

1. Four day weekend.

Whilst I’m fully aware that not everybody gets bank holidays off, for those that do, having a four day weekend is pretty rad. It also means that you have two four day weeks, which makes the working week that much sweeter. Although you get two bank holidays at Christmas, they can fall on any day of the week, with no guarantee of a four day weekend. So Easter totally trumps that.

2. Chocolate.

It’s no secret that I possess possibly the sweetest tooth on the planet, so a holiday containing an abundance of chocolate provides me with almost as much joy as a lottery win. You will find me on the couch surrounded by foil over the weekend. 

3. It’s in spring.

Spring is such a lovely time of year, lighter evenings, the promise of summer and those gorgeous Spring days riddled with daffodils. What a great time to have a four day weekend!

4. No pressure

Christmas is truly wonderful, but there’s so much stress that comes with it. Visiting loved ones, sourcing gifts, cooking a feast. We put a lot of pressure on ourselves and I think it’s easy to get so consumed with it all that you have little time for yourself. Easter removes all of that. Chuck a couple of Easter eggs (which are literally everywhere) at family members, hang out with a couple of people if you wish. No worrying if you’ve forgotten to get a gift/send a card/visit your Gran. None of that. Stress – free.

5. The dude resurrected.

If you are a believer, then believing the fact that Jesus resurrected is quite awesome. I mean everybody is born, but resurrecting, I mean come on, that’s pretty special. Can’t see myself moving a giant rock and coming back to life after such a horrific ordeal. The dude is a hero, possibly on par with the likes of Captain America and Batman. We aren’t big on religion, but I think Easter is a great time to be a Christian.


What’s your favourite thing about Easter?


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