Argentinian Lunch at Lomito…

Sunday’s are made for over indulgence and taking a pause. Oh how I just love a good Sunday. Life is so fast paced that it’s nice to be able to chill out and enjoy the last day of the weekend before being thrusted off to work come Monday morning. We are pretty much always in on Sunday evenings and I just love putting my pyjamas on and lounging around.

We are currently in the process of moving house, which is both exciting and terrifying. I’ve got so much to organise and it’s all a bit mad. Because we are selling our current home and buying a new one we need to be out of this place and in the new place on the same day. This means that I have to be ultra organised and life has been a bit jumbled these past few days. We have three days left here as I write this and have packed up every room except the kitchen. Everywhere feels a bit bare and soulless. Poor Holly isn’t sure what to make of the situation! 

We spent last weekend packing and going through the majority of our belongings (of which I have way more than I originally anticipated. Cupboards can hold so much – who knew?!), and decided to take a little pause come Sunday for a trip to the charity shop (dropping off a couple bags!) and a nice lunch.

We have tried to go to Lomito in Northwood a few times, but it is always too busy or closed (don’t go on a Monday!), fortunately for us they had a spare table Sunday lunchtime and we took full advantage of the situation.

Phil and I are really into our food and had heard such good vibes about Lomito, so couldn’t wait to see what it had to offer. It’s primarily an Argentinian steak house with a menu that I think contains something for everyone (even if you are a veggie!) . We were greeted by the friendly staff at the front of house and the restaurant is uniquely decorated with a huge mural and cow skins creating a modern, with an industrial twist vibe. The restaurant was exceptionally clean and I was very pleased that we were given clean cutlery after every course as well as having the table cleaned each time too. The waiter was very efficient and the service was the best we have had anywhere.

My husband and I have been together for almost eleven years and sometimes it’s easy to take time with each other for granted, so we try to spend quality time together often. It was so lovely to have a chat whilst stuffing our faces with copious amounts of food!

We chose to order from the lunch menu and for starters I had the Portobello Bruschetta and Phil the Empanada.

I had serious food envy looking across the table at Phil’s Empanada. It was absolutely delicious and cooked to perfection. My Bruschetta was delicious, but the Empanada was divine!

For mains we both opted for Bife de Cuadril, which was basically a rump steak with chips.  

Phil had his steak cooked rare and I opted for medium rare. It was cooked to perfection and I was in a little bit of steak heaven.

For dessert we opted for the Churros, which reminded me of our time in California as they had them everywhere! 

They were served with a scrumptious chocolate dip that was like winning the lottery for your tastebuds.

Overall we had a lovely Sunday lunch at Lomito and a welcome break from packing up our home. I haven’t visited Argentina, but from what I do know about the place, I think that the food was quite authentic. One thing I am certain of is that this won’t be the last time we visit!

Have you tried any new restaurants recently?

L x


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