Snowmobiling on a glacier, Pingviller National Park, Geysirs and Waterfalls. Our Thursday exploring Iceland!

When I was planning our Icelandic adventure, I wrote a list of all of the things that I thought would be fun to do. This included Snowmobiling and a Golden Circle tour. Luckily Mountaineers of Iceland run a ‘Pearl Tour’ which incorporates both. Hurrah! It’s a full on day, but is totally worth the early start. 

We were picked up at around 8am from The Centrum Hotel in Reykjavik via a SuperJeep and a driver called Bjarni. Bjarni was very welcoming and told us lots of cool facts about Icelandic life.

We drove through Reykjavik as the sun rose and Bjarni informed us of the days’ itinerary. We had a long drive through lava fields and the Icelandic countryside. I had brought a book with me, but was so mesmerised by the island’s beauty that it didn’t make it out of my bag. 

I loved seeing the wild horses and little summer houses that have been made out of rocks that fell during an earthquake. They call Iceland the land of fire and ice and you can really see why when driving through the lava fields that are covered in snow and discussing volcanic activity.

Riding in the SuperJeep was thrilling enough in itself. They are total beasts which take on the extreme weather like a warm summer’s day in the park. They are capable of handling what’s thrown at them (although it’s often a bumpy ride!).


I spent most of the journey feeling like I was in a real life episode of Ice Road Truckers and totally loving it. It was honestly so much fun. 

The first location we visited on our tour was Gullfoss, the golden waterfall. It was absolutely stunning and very cold (-11) which made me wish I had stocked up on winter attire in the Sweaty Betty sale. We loved having a nose at this natural phenomenon before warming up in the cafe. They serve gorgeous cakes and have free wifi, so we were very comfortable hanging out there for twenty minutes.

One very bumpy but incredibly fun ride later, we found ourselves at the snowmobile centre. The snow was the deepest I’ve ever seen and my husband and I were reminded once again that we should have stocked up on winter wear before our Icelandic trip! 

Thankfully, they have everything inside for you to borrow; snow suits, gloves, balaclavas and helmets. I loved wearing the snow suit. It was so warm and comfortable, I feel like I really need one in my life now, although I don’t think they are necessary in London.

Soon it was time for us to go snowmobiling. I was a little nervous after the safety demonstration reminded me of how dangerous they are, but once I was on it I really felt like I was living the dream. Riding along the glacier with the sun catching the snow just enough for it to sparkle and looking around the vast area, I was shown just how insignificant we are in this magnificent world. For that hour I felt free. Free from everything, responsibilities, worries… Truly free. I didn’t even worry about being catapulted off into oblivion (which almost happened three times), just enjoyed the ride and the view. 

Snowmobiling on Langjökull glacier was absolutely mind blowing. It isn’t for everyone’s budget and our tour costed around £510 for us both, but if you can do it, GO!

After our incredible adventure on the glacier, it was time to hit up the Geysirs of which Geysirs all over the world are named after. Iceland oozes natural beauty and the Geysirs are just another notch on it’s belt of elegance. It was wonderful walking around in the winter sunshine trying to predict when the ‘big one’ will surprise us with a watery eruption (still talking about the Geysirs!!!). 

There is also a restaurant which excited me as I’m all about food. I was actually quite worried about being out for the day in case there wasn’t anywhere to eat, but fortunately I stuffed my face at both stops, so it was absolutely fine. 

There are a couple of shops near the Geysirs that sell souvenirs and winter clothing. I was really disappointed to see quite a few items of real fur up for sale. We really don’t need that in this day and age and I was quite upset about it.

Our next and final stop was at Pingviller National Park which is where the first ever parliament was formed many moons ago. It’s also where Phil and I lost our group and spent four miles and forty five minutes looking for them whilst thinking I was going to die as it was getting dark and we were stranded in temperatures of -16. Luckily we managed to track them down after bumping into another Mountaineers employee.

The park is incredible, we loved having a wander, keeping our eyes peeled for mink and arctic foxes. I imagine it’s completely different in the summer, luscious green blankets and abundant wildlife.

We had such a fun day exploring Iceland and I would highly recommend our trip if you can.

Have you visited any of these places?

L x

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