Visiting Zakynthos…

  A couple of years ago my husband and I were looking for a last minute summer holiday. We weren’t sure where to go, but Europe is so dreamy in the summer, so we knew that was a good place to start our search. We love going to new places and had never visited Greece before. Soon enough we had chosen holiday favourite Zante as our place to catch some sunshine and relax. I was a bit apprehensive about our trip there as I know that many people go in groups to party and we were going as a couple for a break from everyday life. Whilst we enjoy having fun, we aren’t massive party goers  so we hoped that there would be enough for us to do. Turns out that Zante has a lot to offer and we had a perfect time.

We spent a considerable amount of time on boats, absorbing the gorgeous island. The Greek islands are simply stunning and deserve to be witnessed in their summertime glory. 

On one boat trip we went to the iconic shipwreck, where the sea is the most perfect turquoise. It’s almost as though somebody has dropped a large tin of the most voluptuous blue paint into the ocean and it’s just hanging out there for a bit whilst it mingles with the sea. The truth is it is always like that. Always bright blue and always gorgeous. It’s the kind of natural beauty that needs to be seen to be believed. I don’t really edit my photographs, so the colour you can see is pretty much the colour that it is.

We also visited ‘Turtle Island’ that is shaped like a turtle and we went turtle watching. There was a lot of love for that creature that day. It was most wonderful to see them wild and free. We also learnt about the conservation work that is going on in Laganas to provide the turtles with an untouched, natural and perfect spot to lay their eggs. The work they are doing to promote well being of the species is blimmin’ marvellous.

We explored the island quite a bit and went on a trip to the mainland where we visited the Olympia, but I’m planning a post about that trip for a later date. We loved spending our days in the warm summer air devouring ice cream and letting the sun kiss our skin.

There was a beach across the road from our hotel and we often favoured a swim in the sea over the crowded hotel pool where people reserved sun loungers from six in the morning (who has that kind of dedication?!). The salty sea water was so blissfully clear that you could see the tiny fish dancing around your feet to the beat of the ocean and it was heavenly.


 The beach was really peaceful and we had a lot of fun. I think that our trip to Zakynthos provided us with everything that we needed, a sense of adventure and discovery, a chance to switch off and relax, all with a healthy dose of vitamin D. I know that you can go to the Greek islands without spending all of your time in a haze of alcohol and still have a good time. You don’t have to be in a huge group either, it’s great for everyone and we are planning on visiting Greece again with friends this summer.


Have you visited any of the Greek islands? What did you get up to?

L X   

2 thoughts on “Visiting Zakynthos…

  1. Wow!!! I had no idea Greece had turtles – I wish I had known that when we went. We visited Corfu, Santorini, Mykonos and Thessaloniki and Athens on the mainland in 2014. Greece is just so beautiful!

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    1. Yes, I was surprised by the turtles too. Your trip sounds amazing! I loved Greece, we are thinking about going this summer, but to other islands and Athens. Did you have a favourite island? Thank you for reading! X


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