A stroll through Aldenham Country Park…

A bright and sun shining day in winter is a little taste of heaven for England. When the grey skies clear to reveal the glorious ball of light that we can mostly only lust after, it’s most divine. Such beautiful days call for long walks and I’m really enjoying quality time with my husband and our little Jack Russell, Holly. We love getting outdoors, embracing our natural surroundings and it is so lovely to enjoy a walk together and have a chat. We often visit National Trust sites, but on this occasion we decided to check out Aldenham Country Park. It’s not too far from where we live in the leafy suburbs of London and I had heard such positive vibes about the place that I thought it was worth a visit.  

The hazy afternoon sun had created a false impression of warmth and there was a distinct, clean chill in the air demanding its presence be acknowledged. I was secretly gutted I didn’t bring my earmuffs as the cool air skimmed my little ears leaving them feeling frozen.

We walked around the lake that dominates Aldenham and I was very surprised that Holly had a paddle. I can’t even remember the last time she willingly entered water whilst we were out. She’s a funny little ball, who is a sun worshipper and despises anything cold. Her paddling pool becomes her best friend in summer, but Holly never normally enters lake water or even the bath willingly. She also surprised us by trundling through a little stream we came across. Must have been feeling adventurous!

It’s so nice to watch Holly take in natural surroundings and simply be a dog, sniffing scents and bouncing around.

I love having uninterrupted chats with the hubby too, often consisting of nothing that really matters. It’s great to just spend the time together without work or other things getting in the way. 

I always feel really refreshed after a long walk in beautiful surroundings, like I’ve taken a pause from life and can just exist for a short while with fresh air in my lungs. 

Nature is such a wonderful thing and I really appreciate being able to wrap myself up in surroundings that only nature controls. London is such a beautiful city, but it’s so easy to be swallowed up in it’s concrete existence, forgetting where life really began and what it’s all about.

I wouldn’t say that Aldenham is my favourite place after our visit and to be honest there are many other places nearby that are arguably more untouched, natural and beautiful. I’m glad that we went though and we had a lovely time (although I’m sure that Holly brought back ten bucketfuls of mud on her legs, belly and paws!).

Where are your favourite places to escape for a walk?

L x

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