A pupdate on little Ivy…

It’s been almost six months since Ivy moved in and honestly they have completely flown by. This little fair haired fur ball has stolen our hearts and forced everyone who meets her to fall in love in that half a year.

Her little personality is really prominent now and she has grown to weigh exactly 3kg. It’s unlikely that Ivy will grow much bigger now as she is almost eight months old. Ivy loves running and exploring. We’ve all spent more time in the garden with the warmer weather and lighter days. Ivy likes to potter about in my flowerbeds, batting blossoms with her little nose. She also likes following ants and is obsessed with a family of wood lice that she has found living under a plant pot.

We have stopped attending puppy club and puppy training because Ivy is getting older and doesn’t need to go. Socially, she is fantastic and loves everyone and all animals. We always find it amusing when she bounds over to a large dog when out on a walk. Ivy is often the size of their ear!

Her other favourite thing to do is open the doors to the gym at our local park so that the receptionists coo over her. She definitely likes attention!

Her bond with Holly is quite sweet, they enjoy grooming each other and snuggling together. Holly even indulges Ivy in play sometimes, although I think she still finds her younger sibling a little annoying.

We recently had Ivy spayed which I was awfully worried about as when Holly was spayed she was poorly for two weeks. I was just concerned with how Ivy would cope but I needn’t have worried, she was back to her normal self after one day!!! We are currently trying to keep her calm during recovery although it is proving terribly troublesome. Can a puppy even be calm for ten days?!

In terms of her separation anxiety, it’s definitely improved massively since we returned from Canada. We haven’t created her and just let her have run of the house with Holly. It’s been great as she doesn’t get upset anymore and even relaxes enough to sleep whilst we are out. I’m so pleased!

My friend spotted this tote whilst out shopping and bought it for me. I laughed so much when I saw it. It’s literally like they have put my dog on a bag.

We also DNA tested Ivy to find out wha breed she is and were shocked by the results. Everyone always assumes that Ivy is a Chihuahua, but nobody has ever suggested Yorkshire Terrier. I loved reading her report from Wisdom Panel, I felt like it was quite comprehensive and gave us a bit more of her history. We were never worried about what breed she actually was but mostly curious because we could tell that Ivy wasn’t a pure Jack Russell like her advert suggested.

L x