Autumnal attire

You may have felt the colours of Autumn come creeping in over the past couple of weeks. Slowly the evenings are duller, darker and cooler. The mornings are met with vibrant green grass covered in morning dew. The car windows are no longer vividly transparent, with the signs of the cool night clouding the view. The flowers are no longer quite so voluptuous and singing a warm and bright song. Darker shades of green are in their place, with these greens slowly turning to beautiful rusty colours before carpeting the ground. Spiders are in complete abundance, constructing their webs wherever they see fit (including across footpaths and covering gates!). Gone are the floaty dresses and straw hats of summer. To be replaced by autumnal attire.
Summer has always been my favourite season. I’m in love with the longer days and adore feeling the sun’s warmth settle on my skin.  The careless attitude of just running out of the door in sandals without a care in the world. The gorgeous pub gardens and evening sunshine snatching. I love it all. With this in mind it may surprise you to learn that when it comes to fashion, I love what autumn brings. The berry colours, the cute knits and even the coats. Oh, how I’m a sucker for a coat. I have acquired quite a few over the years because for me a coat or a jacket is the main outfit when you are outside. You could be wearing a gorgeous dress fresh off of the runway, but when outside the part of your outfit the world sees is your coat. It will be with you on cool, crisp icy mornings and rainy afternoons. It will be there if snow falls overnight. That’s why I believe that you should have a variety of coats. A coat for every occasion. This leads me nicely on to my wonderful new addition – my stone coloured Mac from Jack Wills. I have a complete love affair with Jack Wills and am probably sporting something from their collection most days. I have never been over struck on macs as they are a sort of in-between coat. Too hot for summer, not hot enough for winter. However, when I laid eyes on this beauty, it was quite clear to me that my life has been incomplete without it. I dreamt of autumnal morning walks, evening dinner date trips and even April showers, all with this beautiful Mac on my back.

They also make a pink version, although I feel that is best suited for springtime. Unless you are Elle from Legally Blonde. In which case, go right ahead. 

The cut is just perfect and the beautiful stone colour sets the perfect tone for almost all autumnal outfits.

I took this coat for a sunny afternoon Sunday walk through the woods. We have my Mum’s dog, Elizabelle, staying for the weekend. Elizabelle was quite keen to creep in on my shots. She’s quite cute though, so I’ll let her off.

We’ve been having some absolutely glorious weather recently, so I could get away with a simple striped boat neck top from Uniqlo and black jeans, also from Uniqlo. 

I first laid eyes on a Uniqlo store a few years ago when one opened up in Uxbridge. It wasn’t there for too long and I sort of forgot about the brand (sorry!). When I was looking for some leggings a couple of years ago, a friend mentioned Uniqlo had some good quality pairs. I hit up their Oxford Street store and voila! I was hooked. They make some lovely casual items, perfect for layering or lazy Sunday’s. Simple, affordable and good quality. They are a bit of a go to place for basics now.

To complete my OOTD, I slipped on my trusty black Moroccan crochet Toms. I am such a huge fan of Toms, as is my husband. We both live in them during the warmer months.

I bought this pair around three years ago from Office. They were £46 and have definitely reduced their cost per wear to a minuscule amount. I have a cream pair too and frequently skip between the two pairs depending on what I’m wearing. They are just so super comfy and go with everything!

We all thoroughly enjoyed our woodland stroll and now feel as though we have earnt a hearty dinner and chocolate gateau. Sunday’s are for over indulgence – right?!

L x

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