Blogmas Day 8: Fools and Showers, April.

Aah April. What a glorious month it was in 2015. I’m always a fan of April because you can really feel the dregs of winter fade away, with a vibrant huge fireball in the sky taking its place. Well, sort of. April is actually more like a bag of pick ‘n’ mix when it comes to weather, beautiful, bright days and cold, grey mornings. You never can tell with April. Anyway, I always quite enjoy it.

One of the reasons that I love April is because Easter either falls just before or during it. Easter is literally my favourite holiday. I am head over heels in love with Christmas, but Easter really is the love of my life. You are guaranteed a four day weekend (I know, I know, not everybody gets the bank holidays off!), the weather is normally far more pleasant than in December, there’s an abundance of chocolate and it is perfectly acceptable to consume it at any given time. There also isn’t any pressure suffocating you. You don’t need to commit to seeing certain people or buy a thousand people presents. You can simply enjoy the Easter holiday in its entirety and it’s just marvellous.

We often go away around Easter time. It usually coincides with Phil’s birthday and it’s just a pleasant time to go. That’s why we chose Easter to have our Hen and Stag do in the most romantic city in the world – Paris. We were so excited to be spending six days tearing up Disneyland and parading around the centre of Paris all in the company of some of our favourite people in the world. So before you could say ‘Charles De Gaulle’, we had packed poor Holly up in the car and on her own holiday to my Mum’s before sauntering off to Heathrow.

Whilst we were waiting for everybody to arrive, we carried out a spot of retail therapy and picked up a GoPro and essential selfie stick. We tried it out as soon as we got to Wagamama’s.

… And again when we arrived in Paris!


I love a good macaroon, and picked up some gorgeous ones from a shop that was local to the hotel. They were lush.  
We spent two days at Disneyland and had such a blast. I have been before, but they had built the Ratatouille section since my last visit and I was super eager to check it out!

Three of us accidentally all wore navy crew neck jumpers. As much as I love my Tinsbury Crew, we did look funny!

We had so much fun at Disneyland. I laughed so, so much. A few of us were crying with laughter on that first day. It was brilliant!

The next couple of days were spent wandering round the streets of Paris, soaking up the glorious Parisian scene. We walked so much on this trip, but it was great.


After exploring the city, we went back to Disneyland for one final day of magic. The sun was shining and we were in high spirits.   

This is literally my favourite picture of these two. Never fails to make me smile!
Soon enough, our Parisian love affair came to an end and our April days were replaced with hose time with Holly… 

And a trip to Madame Taussauds!

My friend and I also hired a boat in Regent’s Park. The weather was perfect and it was blissful peddling around watching the wildlife. London really is beautiful sometimes.
April also consisted of lovely walks with furball and the purchasing of lots of plants ready for the summer.

I also managed to shut my face in the boot of my car (I KNOW), towards the end of April and cut my nose. I’ll just leave this here…

So that was our fabulous April!

Vive la France!

L x  

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