Sunday stroll attire…

Remind me never to book a hairdressers appointment for first thing on a Sunday morning. Especially if I’ve had a late night. Dragging myself out of bed was almost painful in itself, followed by blow drying my hair so quickly that I burnt my scalp from using the hottest setting whilst simultaneously willing my hair to dry instantly. I’m not one for taking an age to get ready, but I went from shower to car in fifteen minutes.

At least I squeezed in a manicure whilst waiting for the hubby at the hairdressers, so my nails are presentable!

I always feel a bit silly when writing an ‘outfit’ post, because in all honesty, I am simply not cool enough to be a fashion blogger. Spending hours finding a beautiful location and posing around isn’t really me. I thoroughly enjoy it when other bloggers put a lot of effort in to make their posts resemble the constitution of a holiday brochure, but it’s just not something I’m into myself and I want this blog to be a genuine representation of me. I do, however, love fashion. I’m not fixated on particular trends and I actually rarely venture out to the shops. I buy most of my wardrobe online and once I have an inkling of what I fancy (I recently decided I needed a pair of over the knee boots – cue hours of searching the entire world via the Internet before settling on a seemingly gorgeous pair in the Kurt Geiger sale), I will hunt it down and be sporting it a couple of days later. I’ve had things shipped from all over the globe and am a huge fan of Internet shopping. I just find it so efficient and you know straight away if they have your size etc. I think it’s just blimmin’ brilliant!
Anyway, here I am currently waiting for the hubby at the hairdressers and thought that I would write about some of my favourite items for a Sunday stroll around our local town.

I could not be more in love with this Coat. I adore the colour and the cut. You can wear it pretty much anywhere. The huge pockets are very practical and I think that the gold zip detail is very sweet. If I could choose a coat that I think has been created to perfection, this coat would be it. Well done Topshop!

My Jumper is from Hush and is absolutely divine. I love the grey tones and it can be worn with jeans or a skirt. Hush is a brand that I discovered towards the end of 2015 and became obsessed almost instantly. I bought this jumper a couple of months back as a treat. Their products are a bit on the pricey side, but it’s almost justifiable by the quality. I love the simplicity of their designs and know that each item will last me for quite a while. I’ve collected a few pieces from Hush, jumpers, scarves, hats… They always arrive beautifully packaged too. They have an amazing sale on at the moment and I snapped up these gorgeous pyjamas. Can’t wait to lounge about in them!

 I always buy my jeans from Uniqlo because they are great quality and most importantly they are (probably) the comfiest jeans in the entire universe.

My Chelsea boots are old and from BHS. You can find similar ones here. I love a good pair of Chelsea boots. They go with pretty much anything and are great for winter. 

My scarf is so old that I can’t actually remember where it came from. I do, however, know that it is really soft, long and warm. It also adds a splash of colour to a fairly neutral outfit. 

I have been lusting after a Kate Spade Cedar Street Maise for just over a year now and dragged my poor husband in and out of every single Kate Spade shop that we came across whilst on honeymoon, each time groping their handbags and contemplating purchasing one. I was completely over the moon when my husband spoilt me with this gorgeous handbag and purse for my birthday. It’s such a classic bag that will take me from work to a dinner date with friends. It has a long strap too, but I think it looks much more elegant hanging on to my arm. The colour is perfect as I have been carting my black Michael Kors number around for a while now, so this is really refreshing and it will go with most things. I love the attention to detail that goes into a Kate Spade product, cute little quotes and wonderfully crafted into a paradigm of beauty. Needless to say I am thrilled with my gift and feel very lucky indeed. Well done hubby! 

Are there any items of clothing/accessories you are enjoying at the moment?

L x

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