Exploring Hughenden Manor…

A sunny day in England is rather divine. Colourful, sumptuous and resembling the constitutions of heaven, when the sun shines over Britain, it’s impossible to be dreary. I love the positivity and motivitaton that oozes from a perfect sunny day. I love being outdoors and am in my element on a beautiful day. We became National Trust members before Christmas and I am super glad that we did as their sites make for a brilliant spontaneous day out. 

Last Sunday we chose to explore Hughenden Manor in High Wycombe. We all bundled into Phil’s Dad’s car and rode off in to the sunshine to explore this new to us National Trust site. Situated amongst rolling hills, the scenery devours you and it’s impossible to ignore such natural beauty.

We drove up the steep car park and began our trip downhill, already dreading climbing the hill back up again. The staff are super friendly and wonderfully knowledgable. We stumbled upon a tour of Hughenden Manor and learnt so much. It was brilliant. Considering we knew nothing about the place beforehand (I wasn’t even sure there was a house!), we came away feeling rather familiar with the place.

The manor is grand and voluptuous, and I loved imagining what it would be like to live there. Where would I put the couch? Would I move the library? 

Once we had finished having a jolly good nosey, we found a cafe and decided it was cake o’clock. 

The cakes were gorgeous and I had serious food envy after trying Steve’s apple and berry flapjack. It tasted how I imagine winning the lottery feels. 

We then had a stroll around the beautiful gardens and visited the bee hives.

Seeing the bee hives was great. It’s so good that Hughenden are supporting the tiny little creatures that help the world go round. It’s so sad to hear of how much the bees are struggling and hopefully these hives at Hughenden will help the little guys out.

There’s also a lovely walled garden which is home to some gorgeous crops. It’s a pretty little place to walk around and a great place to pick up a couple of plants. I chose a Holly Hock and Geranium. Our back garden is quite bare and I can’t wait for the little bursts of colour to brighten it up.

Soon it was time for us to make our way home, but not before a quick climb and some cow spotting.

Have you visited any National Trust sites?

L x

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