What I wore in Munich…

It’s been a while since the south of England has been blessed with sunshine and warmth. If we’re honest it’s barely tippled over twenty degrees and we are in the height of summer. For summer lovers such as myself this has been a huge disappointment. I spent the grey months of winter dreaming of summer days in flip flops and sundresses and have been most unimpressed with 2016’s offerings. Without meaning to moan (and sound ridiculously superficial) I’ve been so upset that I haven’t been able to don on my careless summer outfits that match my carefree summer attitude. I have also purchased a few nice items that I just haven’t been able to wear without risk of hyperthermia. That’s why I was extra excited when I saw that the weather forecast for our long weekend in Munich was sumptuous sunshine and buckets of warmth. Finally a chance to parade around in my new purchases and feel the sunshine kissing my skin. Hurrah! I realise just how melodramatic this all sounds but honestly I feel so upset when I’m faced with grey skies day after day. I’m just the kinda girl who needs a little sunshine in her life!

I love to explore a new place by foot because I find that you can really get a feel for it and absorb the little details. The architecture, the atmosphere, the ambience. I find that if I’m in a taxi or train the moment just whizzes by and I miss out on the beautiful ordinary things that are being offered. With all of this in mind I knew that I needed to pack clothes that would keep me cool and be super comfy.

On the first day of our German adventure I wore a black Playsuit from Urban Outfitters. I am such a fan of playsuits because they can be dressed up or down, look gorgeous, come in a variety of styles and are so comfortable. What more could you ask for from summer attire? 

This Playsuit in particular is absolutely beautiful with its swishy skirt and amazing backless look. The fabric is really soft and light too. I think I fell in love the second I saw it. I teamed it with a black pair of Ray Ban Wayfarers and black sandals I picked up last year in Tesco although these were quickly ditched when we went for a paddle in the river. 

On the first day we mostly just explored the city on foot, embracing bicycle loving Munich and activating Holiday Mode. It’s funny how you don’t realise just how much you need a break until you escape from everyday life and I very much enjoyed not following a routine. We danced along the river, stopping for a paddle amongst sun worshippers before sinking off for a delicious burrito at a cute restaurant nearby. I loved walking the streets, letting the cream and terracotta buildings soothe my soul before stopping for an ice cream and hotel snacks. German supermarkets are amazing for stocking up on tasty chocolate (hi there, Merci!). The evening was devilishly beautiful, lit by the sun setting, the warm air preventing us from wearing a jacket and eventually we retired to our hotel room. 

I was torn between a trip to the zoo or Neuschwanstein Castle on our second day, but opted for the zoo because whilst I adore the warm weather, travelling for four hours in thirty-six degree heat isn’t my idea of a fun Saturday. I was disappointed not to see the magnificent castle that inspired Disney’s Sleeping Beauty, but I left part of my heart in Munich, so I know we will go again some day.

Being such big fans of walking, we decided to walk to Hellabrun Zoo, a mere hour away from our hotel room. The weather was dreamy once again and I had the chance to wear this wondrous floral number from Urban Outfitters. This dress is really unique, I’ve seen a lot of dresses in my years on this planet, but I am yet to find a dress that even comes close to this beauty. The devil really is in the detail with its backless approach, sweet cut, button detailing and layered skirt it is literally like heaven sent down a little package of dress perfection and that’s before I’ve even touched on the summery floral print (a girl’s dream!).

Needless to say from the moment I slipped this dress on my body I knew that it was a dress I would love for the whole summer. A dress that I don’t even care if I’m seen wearing millions of times because it really is just that brilliant. Oh and another thing… You don’t even need to iron it after washing (I did mention it was a girl’s dream, right?!).

The dress and I stumbled upon the cutest little market I have ever seen. Bursting with local produce and a flower stall that could have held my attention for days, I wondered how easy it would be to just stay in that city forever although with an amazing dog and a mortgage back home, I quickly realised living in Munich is a pipe dream. That and my German sucks. So we continued on with our plan of visiting the zoo.
Soon enough it was time for a spot of lunch and we visited an Italian restaurant that was really authentic. The food tasted how I imagine winning the lottery feels. It was absolutely divine.

Once we were stuffed with gorgeous food, we continued our walk and had a wonderful trip to the zoo.

Sadly it doesn’t seem like summer will appear over London anytime soon, so I think I will have to wait until our next adventure to wear these outfits again, but at least we had Munich.

Have you visited Munich before? What are your favourite summer fashion picks?

L x

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