Happy Halloween!

Every year Phil and I carve pumpkins for Halloween. It all started a few years back when Phil arrived home laden with two pumpkins that he had picked up from Sainsbury’s and now we do it every year. Although I’m not very good at it and Phil always laughs at mine. Who needs to be a good pumpkin carver anyway?!

We usually just grab a couple from the supermarket, although last year I left it too late and we had to make do with some measly left overs from the green grocer. Determined not to be left with sub standard pumpkins this year, we took ourselves down to Peterley Farm for pumpkins and cake.

I absolutely love Peterley Farm because it’s just so lovely. There is the cutest little cafe that feels like you have stepped into a Harry Potter movie when you open the little door. They have a totally delicious menu and I had the tastiest pain au chocolat that I’ve had in a long time washed down with fresh apple juice from the farm.

You can also pick your own fruit in summer and they have an amazing farm shop that pretty much sells everything. I just love how fresh it all is and how organic the experience is.

They also had a barn filled with perfectly imperfect pumpkins that were calling to be carved. They had so, so many to choose from and we loved picking ours out. No sub standard ones for us this year!

The next day we carved our orange delights ready to put outside for Halloween. I know that some people don’t like Halloween and I can understand why. I on the other hand love how fun it can be and find that it helps brighten up the gloomy months.

Do you celebrate Halloween?

L x 

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