A Day at the Races…

Last week I was lucky enough to be invited to the Hennessy Gold Cup at Newbury Racecourse. I had never been to the races in winter and was very much looking forward to seeing how it would differ from my experience in the summer. So my wonderful friend Kimberley and I donned on our glitzy outfits and coats before heading off for a girly day of racing fun.

It was one of those perfect winter days where the sun is shining so brightly and the air is still. It was pretty cold though!

I was super stuck on what to wear for a winter racing event because I like to dress up a bit, but I also like being warm. In the end I opted for a sparkly dress and a long coat with a faux fur trim. I was still pretty frozen though.

Soon after we arrived, we headed over to the Honesty Box for a winter picnic so that we could eat lunch without missing out on the races. The food came in really cute boxes all tied up with a ribbon and tasted divine. We had a beef roll, pastries and cake with some butternut squash soup.

Before we knew it the races had started, so we found a nice seat behind a glass wall. Neither Kimberley or I are big on betting, so we chose to just predict a winner. We actually got quite into it after a couple of races, although neither of us were successful in predicting a winner.

After the races had finished we headed over to the bar to have some cocktails and conclude our girly day before returning home and thawing out in front of the fire. I would definitely recommend a trip to the races for the Hennessy Gold Cup because it’s such a fun day, but make sure to wear really, really warm clothing!

Have you been to the races in winter?

L x 

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