Our weekend in Brussels, a photo diary…

A few months ago I discovered Eurostar Snap which is a website that sells Eurostar tickets super cheap. There are some rules, you can only choose the dates you want to travel and whether or not you would like morning or afternoon train times and you don’t find out your exact times until 2 days prior to departure. The savings are brilliant so we decided to take Phil’s Dad away for Father’s Day weekend. The three of us travelled from London to Brussels for only £150 (£50 rtn pp), which is such a steal as the Eurostar is traditionally rather pricey. I would highly recommend it, especially if you have no specific time commitments. 

The three of us had such a gorgeous time exploring a city that we had never been to and eating tonnes of delicious food so I thought I’d pop together a little photo diary of our trip.

I think that a couple of days is the perfect time frame to get under the skin of this beautiful city. We all had a great time!

The architecture is super lush and everywhere we turned we were greeted with beautiful, decadent buildings.

Mannekin Pis, smaller than we imagined!

Stopping for a beer…

I sometimes call Phil ‘Philippe’ so was pleased to find a shop with the same name!

Breakfast in the square.

The photo above is my favourite from the entire trip. I never really edit photos because I love things to be raw and exactly how I saw them. This is the exact view we were greeted with as we turned a corner.

Fun in a pretty little park that we found.

Have you visited Brussels?

L x

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