An Abundance of Katherines…

An Abundance of Katherines, written by John Green, tells the story of boy genius Colin and his journey of love through dating Katherines. 

I’ll be completely honest and say that I didn’t find this a particularly gripping or interesting read and was actually a little bit disappointed that I wasn’t completely held by it like I have been with John Green’s other work.

I found the pace quite slow and whilst I didn’t hate the style and the story, I just really feel like it’s missing some magic. 

It’s quite a short read, but it seemed to take me forever (I’ve lost count of how many holidays this book has been on!) purely because I wasn’t desperate to chase the story onto the next page. I was, however, quite satisfied with the characters and the setting. I also liked reading about their road trip whilst actually being on one of my own.

Read it if:

  • You like a slow pace
  • You are interested in maths (I know this sounds odd, but you’ll understand if you read it!)
  • You are embarking on an American road trip

Best bits:

  • Development of characters
  • Setting

Worst bits:

  • It’s generally a bit boring in places 

Have you read an Abundance of Katherines?

L x

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