First ever blog!


So here it is. My first ever post on my new blog. Exciting right?!

I have decided to start blogging for a number of reasons. Mostly because I enjoy writing and I adore reading other people’s blogs. Not that I am assuming that anybody will be overly interested in reading mine! I would also like to start documenting my seemingly mundane life and sharing things that I have discovered that I like. I don’t plan on committing to anything, but I think that my life is interesting enough to blog around once a week. We’ll see how it goes…

We had a relatively busy weekend and Saturday started with meeting my wonderful bridesmaids. We have been having monthly meetings to put together ideas and also ensure that everyone gets to know each other (I’m really milking this bride-to-be malarkey!). We usually go to a nice place for substantial face stuffing, along with a catch up/gossip.This month’s meeting was held at Ye Olde Greene Manne in Rickmansworth. It’s a cosy pub/restaurant that’s clean and well presented. It was really lovely to see some of my favourite ladies and discuss ideas. I think that it was very productive and we’ve all got things to work on.

Sunday was devoted to Phil’s family. His Dad came over in the morning and I soon put Phil and him to work in the garden. I’ve been terribly busy of late and the garden was starting to resemble an Amazonian jungle (the grass was about three inches!). It’s beautiful again now with short grass. Hurrah!

We also had some news at the start of last week. Phil’s sister Sarah had given birth to her fourth baby. A beautiful baby boy called Archie. Sarah, her husband Dave and their newly increased brood joined us in the late afternoon and we got to meet our new nephew. He is very cute although he has the constitution of an old man! I think Phil really enjoyed meeting him and he had a look in his eye of broodiness. I’ve also been asked to be his Godmother which is a charming compliment.

The first time I held Archie, he started to make that newborn baby cry sound. You know the sound that newborn babies make when they haven’t fully learnt how to cry yet? Luckily I’m not easily offended and it was soon confirmed that he was hungry. Anyway, once he was all settled we had some cuddles  and even Holly snuck in a snuggle before heading off to a local park.

Having cuddles with newborn Archie!
Having cuddles with newborn Archie!


It was such a perfect late summer’s evening on Sunday and we had a blast playing at the park with the children and Holly. Often it is the simplest of things that are the most enjoyable and this was one of them. Holly adores her frisbee and had a ball playing fetch with it. Poor Holly was exhausted afterwards and pretty much fell asleep on the short drive home.



Holly at the park

In other news this week, we have been growing chillies in our back garden and I tried the teensiest weeniest piece last night. I had used them before in a Chinese duck dish that I had made for Phil’s lunch and he had said that they were ‘really nice’. REALLY NICE IF YOU LIKE THE FEELING OF YOUR ENTIRE HEAD ON FIRE. Oh my goodness, I have never tasted anything so hot. I had to hold my mouth under a running cold tap and my nose was still tingling hours later. I think I will give them another chance in a chilli con carne dish next week, but will ensure that I chop them VERY finely!

Chilli Plant

Anyway, I think that’s enough from me this week. Enjoy the lovely weather that we have been having!

L x




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