Food and Flowers

On Thursday evening of last week, Phil and I did something that had become a mere memory over the lazy summer that we have just had. We made a triumphant return to THE GYM. We had signed up to The Gym in North Harrow in July and have only actually made it there once. We had chosen this particular gym as there is no contract. I am very much a fan of the idea of contract-less gyms as I feel that you should be in control of what you spend your money on and when. If after five months, you don’t enjoy going as much or your circumstances change, you should be able to readily cancel and move on without being penalised or forced to continue for the remainder of your contractual obligation. If the facilities aren’t up to scratch then you should be able to find a place where the facilities are. Anyway, without dwelling on our mediocre gym session last Thursday too much, I would just like to mention that we quite enjoyed it. So much so in fact that we are going to spend our Monday evening doing it all over again.

We were due to go to a roller disco last Friday, but after a few people pulled out and poor Phil had to work late, we opted for a quiet meal and catch up with my forever friend, Nichola. I have known Nichola for pretty much my whole life. My Mum and her Mum used to go to school together and were neighbours, so they had grown up together and so have Nichola and I. We may not see each other as much as we used to (everyday at school and there was a wonderful time when we were both at Uni where we had an abundance of time on our hands and filled it with each other’s company!), but we are still the best of friends and know that we are always there for one another no matter what. So off the three of us strutted to Pizza Express in Pinner. We were originally going to go to Indulge for delicious crepes, but unfortunately, it was absolutely packed. I was still full from my trip to the Harvester in Ruislip for lunch with my uncle, but as I adore food so much, managed to squeeze in a lasagne and chocolate glory dessert.

Nichola Pizza Express


chocolate glory

I have a very sweet tooth and the chocolate glory went down a treat.

Unfortunately on Saturday I woke up feeling poorly, so plans were scrapped and I spent the majority of Saturday wallowing on the sofa and playing our new board game ‘Logo Billionaire’.

logo billionaire

Logo Billionaire is basically a game of luck with little strategy involved. We played it three times and I lost every round. I’m not a sore loser though, so it’s all good!

We also had a Chinese takeaway feast (did I mention I like food?!) for dinner which, along with a big sleep, made me feel absolutely fine on Sunday.

Sundays are perfect for long walks with Holly. I think I mentioned in my previous post how much Holly loves her frisbee. Honestly, I think it is the best £2 I have ever spent. It brings her (and us watching) so much joy.

Holly frisbee

Holly and I

We had a lovely stroll and a play before making our way to meet our friend Rachel for a carvery dinner at Ruislip Lido. Unfortunately they had run out of all meat except for turkey (an outrageous thing to happen at a carvery!), so I had turkey and sausage with two Yorkshire puddings and a tonne of vegetables. I felt completely stuffed, but managed to make room for a scrumptious profiterole sundae.

Profiterole sundae

It’s been feeling distinctly chilly when leaving home in the mornings recently, bringing with it the promise of Autumn and Winter. I am still enjoying the garden though and thought that I would share some of the flowers that are still around.

Purple Rain




It has also just been announced today that Prince William and Kate are expecting another baby. I thought that it was true when I heard the rumours weeks ago, even if their ‘evidence’ was a bit sketchy to say the least. I am completely thrilled for them and am delighted to have a positive item on the news after a week filled with terribly sad stories of various deaths and missing persons. I don’t think that I will ever be able to comprehend how some people can be so very cruel.

Right, I am off now to do some cleaning and book Holly a vets appointment to have her nails clipped.

Till next time, L x


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