Blogmas Day Four: A look back on February 2015…

Aah, February. The final month of winter, the month of love and the promise of Spring. Poor Grandad was in hospital for the whole of February, so what I mostly remember from February is traipsing back and forth to the hospital every day and having a Costa Coffee tea cake for dinner most nights. The silver lining of this situation was that I did get to see a lot of my family and hidden amongst the stress and worry were some funny little moments. 

Fortunately I did manage to squeeze in other things between hospital trips including wintry walks with our fur ball, Holly.


We also had a little smittering of snow. I have mixed feelings about snowfall, I love it when it is convenient, for example, if I don’t have to go anywhere in a hurry. I hate it if it’s on a week day.

Phil found his suit for the wedding! This was quite exciting and a complete surprise because we just happened to spot it whilst out shopping and fell in love with the colour.

  I finally got round to reading ‘The Fault in our Stars’. What an amazing book. Perfectly written. It’s on my list of favourites!



 We also had a lovely valentines’ meal in Holborn. Yes, I did have all of those ribs to myself.

We were also lucky enough to hit up the Game of Thrones exhibition at the O2. We are both huge fans of the show, so it was brilliant to have a nosey at the props. They also had a lot of interactive things going on too, which were great fun!








 We are so lucky to have a fields with horses in across the road and I sometimes take Holly for a walk to see them. It’s hard to believe we are in London sometimes because it’s such a rural little spot. I’ll really miss it when we move.



 The boxes arrived for our wedding invitations and they were huge. Holly was very intrigued!

  I also managed to over do it on the burgundy front. It’s one of my favourite colours, especially in the winter months, but a jumper, coat and handbag all at once is a bit much! 


 So there you have it, a reflection on February 2015. Can’t wait to see what February 2016 will bring!

L x 

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