Blogmas Day Five: Family Time…

As the penultimate day reserved for family rapidly approaches, I would like to talk relatives. I think at this time of the year we are reminded to think about our family and we just make a bit more effort than we do the rest of the year. Something I have really learnt to appreciate over the past couple of years is spending time with my family. Not that it was a chore beforehand, more so it was taken for granted. I think that there are a few reasons why family time has shifted up a gear. One of the factors being that we bought our own place and upped sticks seven miles away from my family. Seven miles isn’t far at all, especially as I drive, but it does mean that I  am no longer living on the next street to my Grandad and Uncle. I also wasn’t living with my Mum and brother anymore, so I needed to swap chats whilst Mum was sorting out the washing for arranged visits. Quality time. I think that people are right when they say that your parents become your friends when you move out and I really enjoy catching up with Mum. It’s predominantly uninterrupted and much more focused, which is lovely. I think it’s the same for Phil and his Dad. We love meeting up and going for walks around St Albans or the Lido. We set aside a day and it’s always really nice to catch up. 

Here are some of my favourite family meet ups from 2015:

Hope you enjoy spending time with your loved ones as much as I do!

L x

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