Blogmas Day Ten: A look back on May!

May. A brilliant month. A month that truly signifies summer is about to burst into your face singing Zip a Dee Doo Dah. A month with two glorious bank holidays and lots of birthdays. May 2015 was certainly a busy one!

We kicked off the month with celebrations for two of my friends birthdays, Kimberley and Sarah. They both share a birthday and it was nice for us to hit up Pinner after rehearsals to celebrate.   
It is also my Mum’s birthday at the start of May and we went to Zizzi’s for some birthday munch.


I also went and saw Hairspray at the theatre with Mumma. I love that musical, the songs and storyline are simply fabulous. So much fun!  
We also voted in the general election. It’s so important to have your say, even if you think that it won’t make a difference, it’s important to use your voice.

With just two months’ to go, it was full steam ahead with the wedding prep. We had a bridesmaid meeting at The Hare in Old Redding, which the boys gate crashed!

We also managed to squeeze in some lovely walks with Holly round the aquadrome and lido. I love playing with her and watching her running around.

I hit up central with my friend Debbie, we had a mooch and stuffed our faces at the recently opened Bubba Gumps in Leicester Square.

Phil also sent me a brilliant typo on Skype. Defo one of my favourites!

We went for a lovely walk around St Albans. I find St Albans really peaceful and relaxing. I love walking around the park and they have a great variety of restaurants and shops too. It’s one of my happy places!

I picked up some sparkly sandals for the wedding. I was worried about being in heels all day and thought that these would be great to slip into in the evening. My heels were actually okay, but I had two dresses and the sandals went nicely with my evening dress.

Mum and I went to see a Blondie tribute act. We sometimes like to go out and have a dance of an evening and Bootleg Blondie played all the classics!


I am an avid reader and read ‘Goose’ by Dawn O’Porter in May. It was a lovely little read that took me back to my teen years. I love our little garden in the summer. I’ve planted such gorgeous plants, I’ll miss them when we move.

Our friends Alex and Nick play acoustic sets sometimes and in May the played the Slug and Lettuce in Uxbridge. We love going along to support/heckle them!

Phil and I took a pre marital trip to Richmond for a mooch and a spot of retail therapy. I spent a lot of my childhood rambling around Richmond with my Grandad and have such fond memories of being there. It was perfect.

We also tried some local honey to see if it helped poor Phil’s hay fever. We didn’t notice much of a change, but it sure was tasty!

L x


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