Blogmas Day 11: Let’s talk pyjamas.

Okay, so I know it might sound like a right lame blog post, but just hear me out.

I absolutely love pyjamas. 

When Autumn starts to creep in with morning dew and dark, chilly nights, I love nothing more than to swap my skimpy summer sleepwear for my soft, snuggly and warm pyjamas. One of my favourite things to do the second I arrive home for the night is to kick off my clothes and smother myself in pyjamas, slipper socks and dressing gowns. I just love being all warm and comfy. I also think that sleepwear makes a great Christmas gift. I have been gifted festive pyjamas and slipper socks in the past and my face has resembled a recently crowned National Lottery winner. With all this in mind, I thought that I would present to you my hot picks for sleepwear!

These beauties are from Victoria’s Secret .

I fell in love with their sleepwear whilst on our Honeymoon Stateside. I had accidentally only packed one pair of pyjamas to last me a month, so had to do an emergency sleepwear run. I picked up a nightshirt that says ‘I woke up like this’ and some pyjamas from M&Ms world. I’ve actually picked up a couple of pairs from M&Ms world in New York too, so I’ve got a bit of a collection going on! Anyway, I was after some goodies to add to my nightwear wardrobe and chose the nightshirt that asks the question I ask most mornings (is it Friday yet?) and a comfy pair of pastel plaid pjs. They also came with an eyemask which I thought was pretty rad. They are a bit pricey, especially when you add on shipping and taxes, but I think they are so worth it.  
I purchased these gorgeous dinosaur print jammies from Asos. They are super comfy, and aren’t too thick. I really love the print – I mean who doesn’t love dinosaurs?!


These are an old faithful pair from   Topshop. I bought them last year and I don’t think they have these exact ones anymore. I have seen a plaid pair though. They are really really comfy and I just adore anything red during the festive season. 
  We picked up this Harry Potter dressing gown whilst we were in San Francisco. It’s so, so warm and I love anything to do with Harry Potter, so it was a bit of a winner really. Only downside is I have to share it with the hubby!  
This dressing gown is from  New Look and is possibly the most gorgeous dressing gown to grace our planet. It is incredibly soft and warm. It also has a hood and is one of my staple wardrobe colours – grey! It has now become one of my most prized possessions and I literally have to force myself to tear it from my back and put it in the wash every couple of weeks.

Another great place for pyjamas is Cath Kidston. I have a brilliant pair of pjs in their ‘Stop Thief’ print. They also have some great festive sleepwear attire that I am desperate to get my body in.

If you are looking for an eye mask, Maggs London have recently added a beautiful eye mask to their collection which I have, er, got my eye on. 

Jack Wills and French Connection have got some lovely pairs of slipper socks. I have a gorgeous grey fair isle pair from French Connection that are lush.
So there you have it – a post all about pyjamas!

L x

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