Things to get stuck into in 2016…


I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions, so if you are looking for a post about ‘new year, new me’ then you are in the wrong place. I think that resolutions are great and all, but we aren’t always fair to ourselves and often set unrealistic targets. Plus I think that we all do things when the time is right for us and not magically when the clock strikes past midnight and into the new year. There’s enough pressure buzzing around in our everyday lives without placing extra pressure on ourselves at the start of the calendar year. 

Having said that, I do feel that the start of a new year is always a nice time to reflect on the past year and look towards the coming months ahead.

There are some things that I am looking forward to next year, achievable things that will hopefully happen in 2016.


Surviving January

January is a hard month for most of us as everybody is a bit skint from Christmas and the weather is naff.

January is normally quite kind to me as it’s my birthday month and we normally have a cheeky holiday to celebrate. This January will be a bit odd as we will kick it off with Grandad’s funeral, followed by his birthday. I never imagined I would be spending the start of the year saying goodbye to such a wonderful human being, but life throws the odd curve ball and you just have to roll with it. It will also be my Uncle’s sixtieth birthday on the same day as what would have been Grandad’s, so whilst it will be sad, I am determined to make it a nice day for my Uncle and create happy memories.

Then it will be my birthday. With the kerfuffle of moving house and with Grandad passing, we haven’t booked anything exciting. I am thinking spa day, a nice meal (always thinking about food!) and a trip to the theatre.

Soon after my birthday we will hopefully be upping sticks and moving into our new home. I am beginning to worry about it as I love to be organised and know what’s going on and I feel like I can’t plan anything until we have a definitive date set. I’m worrying about everything from packing pots to having the Internet connected (seriously cannot live without Netflix). I’ve even started having moving anxiety dreams!

Once we move, I will work on putting our own stamp on the new house. We’ve already decided a couple of things (new porch and patio doors), but I’ll also have great fun designing the interior.



Being honest, I’m not normally a fan of February. It’s a bit of a dud month to me, no Christmas, no birthday, just winter. The hubby and I always enjoy valentines’ day, but aside from that and praying for no snow, there’s not usually a lot going on in February. This year I am planning on hop skipping away to somewhere sunny. I haven’t chosen where exactly, so any suggestions are welcome. At the moment I am undecided between:

  • Maldives 
  • Dominican Republic
  • Mauritius 
  • Mexico
  • Thailand
  • Bali

Let me know if you have been to any of these and what you would recommend!

I would like to squeeze in a trip to Florida for Easter and I am contemplating hitting up the West Coast of America again in the summer as we had so much fun this year. I also adore Europe in the summer, so maybe a trip to one of the Greek islands or something. I’m also thinking of escaping around New Years next year, but  not sold yet.

Reading and writing

Something I would like to do next year is read more. I read quite a lot at the moment, but sometimes life takes over and I’m too tired or busy. I want to make reading more of a priority and hopefully devour many exciting books!

I also would like to write more in 2016. I want to put more effort into my blog and organise myself so that I am posting regularly. I am planning on structuring my posts too, so that we all know what we are expecting!

Continuing with the writing theme, I am going to look at the two novels that I have been writing (one is finished) and look into getting them published. I love creating the characters and developing the story. There is a perfect writing spot in the new house that I am looking forward to utilising. It has such a lovely view that I’m sure will leave me feeling nothing but inspired!

Move more

We recently joined the National Trust and I can’t wait to explore more sites next year. I want to exercise a bit more (far too much face stuffing), and walking around the magnificent grounds that the National Trust possess is going to be a great way to capitalise on getting fitter. I also need to cut down on the sweet stuff as diabetes runs in my family and I don’t fancy developing it if I can help it. I’m not sure I want to know who I am without chocolate and cake though, so I’ll have a good think about the best way to do it! 


I am very aware that I lead a lovely life and am very blessed. I want to get more involved in volunteering and helping the local community. I haven’t decided how or what exactly, but I’m big on giving something back and will look into new opportunities when we move.

Host Christmas

Yes, next year I would like to host Christmas. We will have more space and I love having people over. Coupled with how much I adore the festive period, I can’t wait to shove canapés in peoples’ faces and cook a mahoosive bird. 

And last but not least…

Family time

I love spending time with loved ones and I would like to organise some nice adventures with the family next year. Quality time with the hubby and our marvellous family. I think sometimes we all take each other for granted and I want to do less of that. You never know where life will lead you next and I want to embrace what we have.

So yes, I think that sums up my general plan for 2016. Have you made any grand plans?

L x

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