Posting Schedule…

I’ve always used this little blog to express myself, to talk about things that I’ve become excited about or to simply ramble about life. It’s starting to really grow and part of that means that I need to evaluate where I want to go with it and how I want to manage it. This has meant that I’ve set up a Facebook page and have started to roll with it as my little audience increases. I’ve also had a good old think about when I will post so that we all know where we stand and I’ve decided to pop up a new post every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Three posts a week. I think that this is manageable although there may be an odd week where it isn’t possible and you never know there may even be a week where I post more than that. I’m really enjoying my blog and love moulding it into what I stand for and who I am. I’m not big on edited pictures (although I love beautiful photography, it’s just not me) and I want to maintain honesty. I’m quite transparent and I don’t want to be playing make believe in my blog. So there you have it, three posts a week and all from the heart.

L x

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