A little self indulgence…

I’ve written before about how I think it is so important to squeeze in time for ourselves. Sometimes we get so caught up in life, prioritising others and their needs, leaving our own at the bottom of the list and I think that it is of upmost importance that we try and squeeze in some time for ourselves.

I’ve developed a guilty pleasure in going to the cinema. I love picking out which movie I want to watch and meeting up with my friend Debbie. We have a little chat before and after the film (usually over food) and treat ourselves to a sweet treat for in the cinema (I usually have popcorn, chocolate and pick n mix!). We’ve seen all of the greats together and we love it. It’s always nice to catch up, but the reason we adore going to the cinema is simply to just be. To just exist for a couple of hours in this manic world, the fast paced streets of London outside a far cry from the fictional world that we have been swept up in. Yes, I may sometimes be on the edge of my seat wondering if the lead character will survive, but ultimately I’m switched off from the world. Phone on silent, darkened room… Blissful. I feel like it’s such a self indulgent thing, but I always feel so relaxed after a cheeky trip to the cinema, like I’ve had a mini break from life and it’s just brilliant. 

I love seeing the movies too, of course. This week we saw The Revenant. I was really excited because there was so much love emanating from people who had seen it and there are worse things to do than watch Leonardo DiCaprio for a couple of hours (he had my heart at Titanic). It was all in all a great film, beautifully shot and edited. The storyline is a little predictable at times and I did start to find it amusing that nothing would kill off Leo’s character (it’s as though the One Direction song ‘Drag Me Down’ was written for him). There are also some gruesome scenes of him in a few scenarios that Bear Grylls would be right at home in. Anyway, all in all it is a great movie and I would definitely watch it again.

Have you seen any good movies recently?


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