Eight things I am planning to do in Florida…

Aah, Florida, the sunshine state and home to some of the most fun places on the planet. I can honestly say that this is one of the only places in the world that I will never tire of visiting. With its’ golden weather and chilled out vibes, Florida really does own a piece of my heart.

We first went to Florida when I was a Barbie obsessed child and I was mega excited that I could get the latest Barbie (and her sisters), before they were out in the UK. This alone was pretty much enough to win me over, but after visiting Disneyworld and having a gigantic swimming pool in the garden of our rented villa, I was completely sold. 

This will be our second time visiting Florida as a couple and I’m quite excited to visit some of my favourite spots as well as discover some new treasures.

Here are eight things we are planning to get up to!

1. Go to DisneyWorld and Universal.

We visited Universal last time we were across the Atlantic, but this time we are going to take a trip to Disney too. I am very excited about going with the hubby to Disney as he hasn’t been to the Orlando resort before and we are meeting up with a couple of friends, one of which will go on the thrilling rides that I am too chicken to go on with him. I’m also looking forward to revisiting Universal and seeing what’s new since our last visit.

2. Go Manatee spotting

I absolutely adore animals and love seeing them in their natural environment. Manatees are native to Florida and I’ve looked up a couple of places that are good for spotting them. Fingers crossed!

3. Go to the beach

Florida is home to some gorgeous beaches and I think it would be a crime if I didn’t squeeze in a cheeky beach bum day whilst we are there.

4. Visit Brevard Zoo

This is my favourite zoo in the universe. They’ve created such a gorgeous environment for their animals and care is paramount. Last time we went we fed giraffes and birds. This time I’ve booked us in for a jungle encounter. I’m super excited!

5. Go dolphin spotting

To be honest, this will be quite easy as there are many dolphins that call Florida ‘home’. We spotted so many last time without really trying, so I’m quite optimistic about this visit!

6. Visit Sunset Boulevard restaurant

This place is an absolute dream as not only does it serve up some delicious dishes, but it also has a pretty rad outdoor dining area where dolphins swim right on by whilst you stuff your face. Such a gorgeous place!

7. See a shuttle launch

Last time we were visiting we were lucky enough to see a live shuttle launch from the Kennedy Space Centre. It was a mind blowing experience that I will never forget. You could feel the power coming from it and the atmosphere was pretty awesome too. People come from all over to see launches and it was a great way to spend an evening. We are extra lucky as another one is happening when we are visiting this time too, so we shall check it out!

8. Shop

I love a spot of shopping and a lot of my favourite brands are American so I’m looking forward to treating myself.

There you have it, our rough plan for our Floridian adventure!

Have you visited Florida before?

L x

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