Brave Enough review…

I am not entirely sure how or why, but somehow Brave Enough by Cheryl Strayed landed up on my Amazon wish list and therefore found itself in the palm of my hands. I always have loads of books on my wish list which I use to top up my basket for free delivery. I’m such a bookworm anyway and if it saves me a couple of quid in the long run, I would call that a good result! 

I had never heard of Cheryl Strayed, but have since learnt that she has made quite a name for herself and has also written ‘Wild’. I was quite excited to see what this little gem had to offer.

The book itself is a cute size which I was relieved about as I’ve fallen terribly behind on my reading challenge. With moving house and life being generally cray cray, I haven’t been able to commit the amount of time needed to complete one book a week. Which has really saddened me! 

I managed to complete Brave Enough in two days and I think that you could easily read it in an afternoon. It’s quite short and filled with inspirational quotes in different fonts and sizes. I think it’s a nice book overall, but some of the quotes were a bit full on. 

It is a lovely little book that would make a sweet gift, but I don’t think that it is anything remarkably special (sorry!), I think that there are so many similar books that are of a higher standard. Overall I feel that it’s worth a read, but isn’t tremendously exciting.

Good points:

There are some really uplifting quotes that help make sense of our mad, mad world.

Bad points:

I don’t feel as though it is well constructed and it is quite short.

Read it if:

You adore quotes on Instagram and are quite philosophical.

Have you read anything by Cheryl Strayed?
L x

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