Cinema dating…


Aah the cinema, the ultimate place to view the latest blockbusters, overindulge on popcorn and generally just switch off for a couple of hours. I’ve always quite enjoyed going to the cinema. It’s great seeing a movie that’s trailer has caught your eye. 

Watching the storyline unfold on a gigantic screen with perfect sound is always enjoyable, but I don’t think that this is the reason I adore going so much. I think that it’s more of the whole experience. The choosing of the seats (I often find middle of row G is pretty good!), to the choosing of the snacks (sweet popcorn, Diet Coke and Pic ‘n’ Mix please), I just love it. I love switching off for a couple of hours and being immersed in something that isn’t super ordinary. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore my life, but it’s nice to just switch off and relax too. Have uninterrupted time (unless your cinema companion is a talker). 

We’ve recently moved home and now live within walking distance of a Cineworld, so the hubby and I have snapped up some Ultimate passes. They are bloomin’ brilliant. Going to the cinema is super expensive, by the time you have added on drinks etc, you’ve pretty much spent thirty quid each. With our passes we can go as often as we like for £16.90 per month. As long as we have gone a couple of times, we’ve made our money back. The passes also give us a discount at a few restaurants as well as drinks and snacks, so it’s a pretty good deal. There’s also an abundance of movies coming up that the hubby and I are keen on seeing, so it’s worked out quite well really.

It’s a great excuse to make quality time to spend with one another as sometimes it can be so easy to spend time together without really spending time together. If that makes sense? We are both quite busy and I barely see him in the morning. We get in quite late from work and often cook dinner together, but mostly the evening has gone, so it’s nice that we set aside any free evenings for a cheeky cinema date. It sounds bonkers because obviously we don’t talk to each other during the film, but we have a nice chat on the way there and discuss the movie afterwards. I quite enjoy our little cinema dates.

Have you been to the cinema recently? 

L x

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